frentix gmbh was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the OLAT project (Online Learning and Training) at the University of Zurich, and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. CEO and company owner Florian Gnägi is one of the founders of OLAT, and has been working on the development and operation of the system for over twelve years. Since 2011, frentix leads the open source development of OpenOLAT, which emerged from OLAT.

frentix GmbH is active in the fields of e-learning, software development, multimedia, photography, media production, and mobile devices. Imparting knowledge and leaving a lasting impression – this is our ambition, while mastering the challenges of the exciting fields of technology, usability and design.





You are an expert in your area of teaching, we are experts in e-learning. We help you prepare your learning material for use in e-learning, and create suitable multimedia elements for you. We cooperate closely with educationalists and graphic designers.


We will be happy to help you with adopting an e-learning strategy that fits you best. Not everything can be overcome with e-learning. A proper concept, and the right blend of classroom lectures and e-learning courses, will achieve the desired effects.


Film, photography and animated multimedia productions spice up your e-learning project. frentix helps you find the right approach to your meet your needs, and ensures timely implementation together with specialized partners.


To ensure that everything goes according to plan. Would you like to implement an e-learning project and need project management experts? Here, too, we can offer our knowledge and expertise.





The necessary hardware for the operation of OpenOLAT is provided by our hosting service. frentix takes care of hosting and operation of servers, operating system, and database, and ensures the availability of network access and disk space for the application.


frentix takes care of maintenance of the operating system, the database, and the file system, as well as active monitoring of relevant system parameters, and guarantees prompt reaction in case any problems are detected. Furthermore, the latest OpenOLAT releases and bug fixes are deployed after passing an extensive testing phase.


Our support team helps to clarify system-specific questions regarding implementation, administrative tasks, technical issues, and recovery of mistakenly deleted data from backups.


Training can be designed as teacher-centered lectures, or as open workshops. In general, the training is conducted on the premises of the customer. The content of the training is tailored to your needs. Introductory courses as well as courses on specific advanced topics are available.





Whether you need a small adjustment, or entirely new features for your OpenOLAT system, we can implement it for you. We try to implement these adjustments so that they fit optimally into OpenOLAT, and in turn can be made available in the open source release for the benefit of all OpenOLAT users.


Web apps

Alongside the development of OpenOLAT, frentix also offers software development services in the area of web applications. For example, frentix has implemented an online platform of a recruiting tool. The FX Player developed by frentix is specifically designed to provide content for the mobile web, but can also be integrated into OpenOLAT.


Mobile apps

Nowadays, applications can hardly get by without offering a mobile version. frentix has reacted to this trend and implemented a mobile version of OpenOLAT. But our efforts do not stop there. We are constantly developing new tools for the mobile market. Extra effort goes into our work to ensure that all of our mobile applications are Mac-compatible (iPhone, iPad).



The SCRUM methodology creates a win-win situation for all involved parties, because, unlike other methods, it focuses on communication. From the outset, the client is actively involved in the development process. In an iterative process, the software is created with the possibility to make corrections as needed, or to prioritize features differently as a result of new insights.


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