Partner program

Partner program

OpenOLAT is developed and advocated by frentix. People who would like to support the software development and participate in the strategic desicion-making process can become a community partner. This fee-based partner program guarantees a sustainable long-term development of OpenOLAT.

Each partner is given a say in strategic decisions proportional to the financial support provided, so they can influence crucial development decisions and prioritization of tasks. Additionally, partners have access to all available hot fixes and patches, and have the possibility of contacting the development team directly, bypassing the public mailing list.A partnership is neither a licensing agreement, nor a maintenance or support contract. A partnership is a political statement, expressing that an institution supports OpenOLAT and its further development, and also provides funding to secure its future. Partnerships are focused on securing the long-term success of the project and are negotiated between the partner and frentix.

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