Update from OpenOlat 9.4.x/10.x.x to the newest OpenOlat 10.y.y

This guide has been designed with our setupguide (PostgreSQL and MySQL) in mind. You should think about the data to backup if you didn't use those guides.




  1. Stop Tomcat (~/stop)
  2. Backup
    • your olatdata
    • make a database dump
  3. Extract OpenOlat.war in the home-location ~/openolat_10yy (unzip -d ~/openolat_10yy PATH/TO/openolat_10yy.war)
  4. remove link from last version to webapp (rm ~/webapp)
  5. create symlink from new version to webapp (ln -s ~/openolat_10yy ~/webapp)
  6. If you have a custom theme, take care of updating it (~/olatdata/customizing/themes/*)


  1. Start tomcat (~/start) and look at
    • catalina.out (tail -f ~/logs/catalina.out)
    • olat.log (tail -f ~/logs/olat.log)
    • First startup might take a while because some stuff is updated.
    • Do NOT shutdown until OpenOLAT did the initial startup!
  2. Let everybody know you just updated to the newest version of OpenOLAT 10.y.y (twitter, facebook etc)
  3. Have a drink and celebrate, but do so responsibly! ;-)