Update from OpenOlat 9.0 / 9.1.x to OpenOlat 9.2.x

When updating from OpenOLAT < 8.2 it is mandatory that you also read the 814xto820 manual and follow the steps from there. If usure, update first to 8.2, then to 8.3, then to 8.4 and then to 9.0

  1. Stop Tomcat
  2. Backup
    • your olatdata, your webapps directory and make a database dump
    • your olat.local.properties file
    • your entire webapps-Directory of OpenOLAT, then delete it
  3. Extract OpenOlat.war in the webapps-location (replace old release)
  4. Run DB-updatescripts
    • make sure you have the property auto.upgrade.database=true (recommendet)
    • alternatively execute manually (if not yet on 9.1)src/main/resources/database/mysql/alter_9_0_0_to_9_1_0.sql
    • alternatively execute manuallysrc/main/resources/database/mysql/alter_9_1_0_to_9_2_0.sql
  5. Copy your old olat.local.properties file to the new unpacked war (or wherever you have it)
  6. Compare your olat.local.properties with the olat.local.properties.sample and the original olat.properties file
    • Make sure you have set server.legacy.context=/olat to your previous context path to get full backward compatibility
  7. If you have a custom theme copy it to your /customizing/themes/*
  8. If you have custom spring configurations, re-apply them on the new code base (do not just copy the old spring files as they might have changed! Use the diff command to compare the old and the new files).
  9. Reconfigure the tomcat configuration to start OpenOLAT in the ROOT context. This is mandatory to make WebDAV work on Windows.
  10. Restart tomcat and look at your console output (e.g. tail -f)
    • First startup might take a while because some stuff is updated.
    • Do NOT shutdown until OpenOLAT did the initial startup!
  11. Reconfigure your frontend webserver (Apache) to listen to both HTTP and HTTPS (you are using https, right?)
    • In the http vhost redirect /auth /dmz and /rest to the ssl vhost. Make sure / and /webdav can be answered by the OpenOLAT servlet
    • Route everything to your tomcat, not only the old context path
    • You can turn on mod_disk_cache for /raw
    • Set server.port=80 and server.port.ssl=443 in your your olat.local.properties file
  12. Let everybody know you just updated to OpenOLAT 9.2 (twitter, facebook etc)
  13. Go get a beer and have fun!