Migration from Olat 7.x to OpenOlat 8.x

  1. Stop Tomcat
  2. Backup your olatdata, your webapps directory and make a database dump
  3. Delete entire webapps-Directory of OLAT
  4. Extract OpenOlat.war in the webapps-location
  5. Edit mistakes in Updatescripts for mysql-DB
    • 'alter_7_0_x_to_7_1_0.sql ' row 182 is missing a space after the comment
    • 'alter_7_1_x_to_8_0_0.sql ' row 163 throws error since the index cannot be created.
  6. Run DB-updatescripts
  7. File olatdata/system/configuration/org.olat.core.helpers.Settings.properties
    • has to be emptied.Not doing so will result in a reference to the old design.
    • The apropriate content of this file will be made by the System on it's first run.
  8. Update olat.properties and olat.local.properties
    • Start with a new olat.local.properties, do not just copy past the old one as many things have changed
    • Comment out anything regarding Onyx
    • db.hibernate.ddl.auto isn't allowed to have any value
  9. Convert UTF-8 database
    • in case the key db.url.options.mysql in your property-files contains useOldUTF8Behavior=true
    • remove this option and execute the following commands.
    • $>mysqldump -h localhost -u root -p --opt --default-character-set=latin1 --skip-set-charset olat > olatDbToImport.sql
    • $>mysql -h localhost -u root -p --opt --default-character-set=utf8 olat <olatDbToImport.sql
  10. Restart tomcat
  11. Go get a beer and have fun!

As mentioned earlier this is mostly a summery to help and most of the informations(except point 4 and especially 6) can be read about here:

or in the manual/Instructions coming with OpenOlat.

Original post of this migration guide was contributed by 'Oliver' on the mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/openolat/browse_thread/thread/1e067ba1da43a4af