New Features 9.2

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 9.2.1


  • [OO-907] – Default disposed page is displayed when configuring Home
  • [OO-916] – Repository table: ordering by „Access“ does not work as expected
  • [OO-918] – RS if someone play with the Sites configurator and open course at the same time
  • [OO-919] – Send 400 for bad request instead of RS
  • [OO-920] – NE during search of group (probably deleted groups)
  • [OO-921] – The callable eat the ParseException and don’t throw it to the service
  • [OO-924] – RS if a CP configured in a course element doesn’t exist
  • [OO-925] – JMS Session need to be access from a single thread
  • [OO-927] – RS if the full text search results is null
  • [OO-929] – RS if update of the user course infos fails
  • [OO-931] – Check quota in WebDAV file uploads
  • [OO-935] – File chooser for OO video plugin in HTML editor does not allow uploading / selecting of .flv and other video types


  • [OO-914] – Support updating of existing users in the bulk import wizard
  • [OO-917] – In the editor of evaluation course element, the complete log is loaded


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 9.2.0


  • [OO-878] – List in „News from subscriptions“ does not refresh after selecting date
  • [OO-881] – learning resource cannot be opened from search field
  • [OO-882] – Test runtim without menu navigation shows questions misplaced
  • [OO-887] – Portrait mapper of the Members course building block is memory inefficient (at best)
  • [OO-889] – Assessment Tool: Student reply to essay question isn’t soft wrapped in display of test, most of text is missing
  • [OO-892] – The forgot password form is case sensitive
  • [OO-896] – Cannot upload large video in test because the editor has only a default quota and not an editable one
  • [OO-897] – Cannot select different nodes with the same in the select box in the assessment tool
  • [OO-902] – RS RedScreen when course element is disabled but displayed in structure element peek view
  • [OO-904] – „Lenght of gap“ within a gap text is extended to length of all synonyms instead of the longest
  • [OO-905] – Limiting the amount of Characters within a gap text also limits the gap in the editor, so you can’t enter synonyms for correct answers into the same gap
  • [OO-906] – RS in folder component
  • [OO-909] – Frozen threads
  • [OO-910] – No responses in KPrim’s word export
  • [OO-913] – Question Bank: Remove items from pool doesn’t always work
  • [OO-915] – New question item are not indexed


  • [OO-798] – Change WebDAV authentication from basic to digest authentication
  • [OO-799] – Better logging in WebDAV
  • [OO-867] – Link group in enrollment course element to group visiting card
  • [OO-877] – Add essay type questions to list of questions that can be created within the question item bank
  • [OO-883] – Download of a Excel or a Word document in a HTML page trigger a login prompt
  • [OO-884] – Make list of users in checklist course element sortable by last name
  • [OO-885] – Format line breaks in user and coach comments
  • [OO-886] – Make preset of portal configuration role dependent
  • [OO-890] – QTI Layout: Font colour of attempts marker in test is too light and barely visible
  • [OO-891] – Update mail template context help, improve standard mail template
  • [OO-893] – Add expert rules for the course life cycle
  • [OO-894] – Send HTML email from the standard Mail Form
  • [OO-895] – Show user roles in system tab of user settings
  • [OO-899] – Remove unnecessary line breaks when displaying user information and no institutional information is available
  • [OO-908] – Forum: displaying name and date in tables in better format

New Feature

  • [OO-796] – Support WebDAV locking
  • [OO-797] – WebDAV native mount support for windows, OSX
  • [OO-852] – New bulk assessment wizard with build file upload and scheduled execution
  • [OO-876] – Support for master solution in QTI essay type in word export


  • [OO-861] – Upgrade requirements to JDK 1.7
  • [OO-880] – Update installation manual to hint at mandatory ROOT context for WebDAV compatibility
  • [OO-898] – Update Hibernate to 4.28
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