New Features 14.1

With OpenOLAT 14.1 we release our latest major release. In particular, absence management was comprehensively expanded, the administration of absences and dispensations was supplemented and the possibility of recording absences on a daily basis was created. In the coaching tool, the cockpit supports lecturers and coaches with a daily view and already recorded absences. A new main area lecture management is available for Lecture managers. In the area of QTI and test creation, there have been improvements to the visibility of licenses and the display of test processing time. It is also possible to display test results when using the assessment mode. In addition to the metadata import for Youtube videos, the resetting of calendars has been made possible and the forum view has been improved.

Overall more than 50 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 14.0 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 14.1 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 50 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes for 14.0 – 14.0.4 can be found here.

You can download the Open Source software for free.



Expansion of Absence Management

New functions in the area of absence management are intended to support lecturers and administrative staff, in particular, in recording and managing absences, and now also dispensaries. The respective authorizations for lecturers and participants to view and manage absences, dispensations and appeals can be configured in administration. The new workflows enable optimized collaboration between administration/secretary, class teachers and lecturers and can thus contribute to a considerable increase in efficiency and transparency in absence and dispensing management.


Lecturers and coaches

Lecturers and coaches will no longer find the roll call in their personal user profile, but in the coaching tool under „Lectures“ or, as before, directly at the respective course.

The cockpit with day view and the display of absences already recorded provides a quick overview. Here you can start the multi-lectures recording, in which the absences of a participant for several lectures or the entire day are entered simultaneously. The day recording of absences is optional and is activated in the administration.

Notices of absence and dispensations can be entered for a specified period of time on a daily basis, for selected courses or for selected lecture blocks. The administration of appeals is also possible.


Lecture managers and administrators

A new main area „Lecture management“ was created for the role of the lecture manager and administrators. Here, administrative staff can enter dispensations or update notices of absence if, for example, excuses were subsequently submitted by participants. The absences also appear for the lecturers in the coaching tool, so that they are always up to date. Lecture managers can also generate reports on absences.


Users and Participants

The absences are still available in the personal menu. The daily overview and the recourses have been added to the view.


Reasons for absences

A list with defined reasons for absences can now also be stored in the administration, from which a selection can be made during absences recording. This is particularly important for the reports and evaluations of absences.





QTI and test creation

Display and visibility of licenses

Licenses can be stored for questions items and test resources. When creating tests, it is difficult for authors to determine which license for the test is applicable based on the questions used. To support the authors, the license display has been expanded as follows:

  • Display of licenses of each question item during test creation, the most restrictive license is automatically selected for the test
  • Display of the licenses of the question items in the overview of the test configuration
  • Display of the licenses used in the test in the test metadata


  • Conversion of search in question pool from full text to database search increases stability
  • Display processing time for test question items
  • Warning on question configuration if no points are defined for correct answer, but for incorrect answers


The creation of the QTI 1.2 course element „Questionnaire“ is no longer supported as of Release 14.1. Existing course elements of this format can still be used. QTI 1.2 support ends with Release 15.


New features in the course

Calendar reset

Until now, it was only possible to delete calendar entries individually for each entry. With the calendar reset all entries can be deleted at the same time. It is also possible to delete all imported calendars. Lecture blocks are not affected by the calendar reset.



Display test results in assessment mode

A new option allows test results to be displayed using the test mode. For example, this allows you to view and discuss exam results with individual participants even when the exam mode is active.


Average points on course nodes

In addition to the sum, the average points on the course node for calculating passed / failed can now also be determined. This is useful if the evaluations included in the course all allow the same number of points.

Import of metadata and licenses for Youtube videos

When importing Youtube videos in the authoring area, licenses and metadata such as title, author and description had to be manually updated until now. With this release a Youtube API Key can be configured in the administration. This means that these data and the preview image are automatically transferred to OpenOlat.


Mandatory user information in questionnaires

If user information such as name, age, institution, etc. was not requested in surveys, they were anonymous. For some surveys and their evaluation, however, certain user information is necessary. In addition to the optional entry of user information, these can now also be defined as mandatory, either with subsequent processing by the participant or automatically filled out by the system.


Additional notes

  • Improved flat forum view, easy favourite selection and display of new posts
  • Search of learning resources by organization possible
  • Display for ePortfolio templates how many folders use this template
  • Newly created users (manually or by import) are assigned to the current organization
  • Rubric weighting can be set to 0 to exclude individual questions from reports
  • Weighting of questions (rubrics) in already used questionnaires can be changed
  • Quality management: Improvement of trend analysis and display of average values in heat map
  • Course statistics also generated for live stream course element
  • Fixed error message when editing new OnlyOffice files
  • Check for quota size



  • E-mail validation in the registration process can be skipped if required
  • Update of the Edubase URLs
  • Paypal checkout updated to latest version


Technical details

  • Library updates
  • Constant download of *.dms files fixed

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1.7


  • [OO-4414] – Hotspot: Solution picture in test results is distorted and without answers
  • [OO-4419] – QTI 2.1: statistics of match interactions don't appear for large number of responses
  • [OO-4421] – Warn in mail manager produce a stack overflow error
  • [OO-4422] – Survey reports: elements in wrong order
  • [OO-4425] – RS: sort teachers in the lectures report in administration
  • [OO-4426] – Variance is not calculated if exactly two users have participated in a survey
  • [OO-4427] – Mobile view: navigation in test
  • [OO-4428] – Question pool: RS if sort by taxonomy level, path or bookmark
  • [OO-4429] – Mass update of users
  • [OO-4430] – Wiki: summary links are evicted by the HTML sanitizer
  • [OO-4432] – Moving discussion thread from Wiki to Forum
  • [OO-4435] – OOM: in lectures tab for admin, the tab lectures will load all lecture blocks
  • [OO-4436] – Memory leak in auto completer
  • [OO-4437] – RS: restart a test as author with results shown
  • [OO-4440] – QTI 2.1: menu not related to server state
  • [OO-4451] – Enrollment: membership counts in groups and in areas separately
  • [OO-4452] – Video element: resource description missing
  • [OO-4453] – RS: change urls in single page
  • [OO-4457] – Absences: absences list load all lecture blocks if there isn't any absences


  • [OO-4415] – Test title not copied correctly
  • [OO-4418] – Reduce flickering in page editor induced by large images
  • [OO-4420] – Assessment tool can be slow with MySQL
  • [OO-4424] – QTI 2.1: break long title of question in test mode
  • [OO-4458] – Curriculum: Add column of curriculum identifier
  • [OO-4459] – "My courses" with filter "Only courses" can very slow

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1.6


  • [OO-4354] – GTA: solutions notifications for participants of groups
  • [OO-4355] – RS when open a saved presentation in quality management
  • [OO-4362] – Filters are not set (in GUI) after open a saved search in quality managemet
  • [OO-4365] – Yesterday's live streams are visible
  • [OO-4367] – Remove some part of the username black list
  • [OO-4368] – Red screen feedback don't find the user
  • [OO-4370] – RS: login with LDAP and moved email adress
  • [OO-4376] – Reference to questionnaire is missing after copy of survey course node
  • [OO-4379] – QTI Archive for very large course
  • [OO-4382] – No message when uploading a different file type than defined in the questionnaire
  • [OO-4383] – Cannot open ZIP with metadata on macOS
  • [OO-4385] – Highscore podium is not displayed if "anonymous" is configured
  • [OO-4387] – RS: cannot delete lecture block in course with notice
  • [OO-4388] – RS: could not upload document
  • [OO-4389] – Podcast links for iTunes and iOS doesn't work with the new
  • [OO-4392] – GTA: changing active group does not change the group name in the yellow text fields
  • [OO-4393] – Problem open/close file in course element folder (via course editor)
  • [OO-4397] – RS: lazy loading issue in group task
  • [OO-4399] – Portfolio: review of survey assignment with "Only self evaluation"
  • [OO-4404] – Cannot send mail to member of course if title has (
  • [OO-4405] – QTI 2.1: red screen in statistics if response declaration of FIB is missing
  • [OO-4406] – RS: search for error in administration

New Feature

  • [OO-4407] – RS when a large number is inserted in a numeric survey field


  • [OO-4363] – Assessment mode: Adjust start time when starting manually
  • [OO-4364] – Question pool: click title to start editor
  • [OO-4371] – Reduce number of errors due to browser aborting a request by download
  • [OO-4372] – WebDAV: metadata entries for WebDAV client help stay in database
  • [OO-4373] – LDAP: synchronisation must check emails in the HA1 credentials
  • [OO-4380] – Support for Vimeo videos shared as Private Link and remove doubled navigation
  • [OO-4381] – Video quizz: better handle large question
  • [OO-4384] – Curriculum: only show the tab in "My courses" if the user has at least a curriculum
  • [OO-4400] – Typo Import Video URL
  • [OO-4401] – Scorm: enhance compatibility with content like Articulate

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1.5


  • [OO-4323] – Horizontal scrolling missing in large single page course elements
  • [OO-4324] – Video player can not play Vimeo videos in Chrome
  • [OO-4325] – Different Time handling for Deadlines in course element Task
  • [OO-4327] – Blog: RSS feed URL is missing the token for logged in user
  • [OO-4330] – Video: Replace Poster
  • [OO-4331] – File name display wrong for video subtitles
  • [OO-4332] – RS:import a portfolio template with form assignments
  • [OO-4334] – Video: update JCodec to version 0.2.5
  • [OO-4336] – Enrolment: no notification of participants when manually added from the waiting list
  • [OO-4337] – Error message when cancel bulk assessment
  • [OO-4338] – RS in manual scoring course element if scale is not set
  • [OO-4340] – Imported calendars can block the scheduler
  • [OO-4341] – Cannot use generic selection with the multi option
  • [OO-4344] – RS: sort of curriculum in „My courses“
  • [OO-4345] – Number of courses of restapi/courses return the wrong total count
  • [OO-4348] – QM: Course generator generates data collections too early
  • [OO-4350] – Average in group assessment is sometimes not visible
  • [OO-4351] – Peekview of participant folder show files of users which are not participants
  • [OO-4353] – Assessment notifications restricted to coaches of groups


  • [OO-4326] – RS: NPE in publish process
  • [OO-4328] – REST: the metadata fields from template are not copied
  • [OO-4329] – Lectures: admin cannot access lectures administration in closed courses
  • [OO-4333] – Default settings for survey course element
  • [OO-4339] – CSS classes for responsive tables
  • [OO-4342] – Possibility to insert tables in a blog
  • [OO-4343] – Add a dead simple list of jobs and triggers
  • [OO-4346] – File upload in eP survey cannot be viewed or downloaded

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1.4


  • [OO-4284] – CP navigation configuration in course wrong
  • [OO-4289] – Assessment tool: non members results are not showed in the tables
  • [OO-4292] – RestAPI: can’t create new groups in a course
  • [OO-4296] – QTI 2.1: drawing interaction with android
  • [OO-4299] – Video live Stream: problems setting manual date with setting: „All Day“
  • [OO-4301] – Shibboleth: migrating Olat user to Shib user does not work
  • [OO-4304] – user tools „chat“ and „search“ are shown as options although not available
  • [OO-4305] – VFS: peek view of folder element doesn’t check if the VFS migration is done
  • [OO-4307] – Cannot delete a lecture block linked to an assessment
  • [OO-4309] – QTI 2.1: cannot download uploaded files in file interaction
  • [OO-4310] – Metadata row is not definitively deleted
  • [OO-4312] – Bottom of a spreadsheet is not visible when open in ONLYOFFICE
  • [OO-4313] – Lectures: rs in new absence wizard if back and forth from the contact form
  • [OO-4317] – RS: convert not existent 1.2 question in 2.1 in details view
  • [OO-4321] – Booking-Method-Symbol will not be deletet on Booking-Method change


  • [OO-4294] – Sort column ‚title of learning resources‘ within dialog in alphabetical way
  • [OO-4297] – REST additional documentation
  • [OO-4303] – Responsive design for videos in single page
  • [OO-4306] – WebDAV: don’t force Windows to authenticate every request
  • [OO-4308] – Increase username limit
  • [OO-4311] – Blog: hint for types of downloadable files
  • [OO-4314] – Extended search for author searches for creator, not authors (as defined in metadata)
  • [OO-4322] – Update JCodec

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1.3


  • [OO-4250] – Remove button „Deleted files“ in folder component if versioning is disabled
  • [OO-4252] – RS when creating a new data collection
  • [OO-4253] – RS: survey as resource
  • [OO-4259] – RS: edit metadata of a file in a folder
  • [OO-4260] – RS: in questionnaire/portfolio editor swapping around sliders
  • [OO-4261] – Missing files after course copy
  • [OO-4262] – Index relative path of metadata for likes
  • [OO-4263] – Assignment from a template in the binder directory can be deleted if page is deleted
  • [OO-4264] – e-Portfolio: list last pages / my pages load several time the assignments
  • [OO-4265] – QTI 2.1: render formulas in correction workflow
  • [OO-4266] – Adapt WebDAV to the last Update of Excel
  • [OO-4267] – QTI 2.1: reload a fresh candidate session before showing results
  • [OO-4268] – QTI 2.1: Play with width of menu and click quickly reload the page
  • [OO-4269] – Export / import / upload let files in tmp directory
  • [OO-4270] – RS: cannot generate or preview certificate with some user properties
  • [OO-4271] – RS: try to delete transient booking
  • [OO-4272] – RS: registration with partially copied link
  • [OO-4274] – Video: sound continue to play after going to an other course element
  • [OO-4275] – RS: change password if not allowed
  • [OO-4279] – Adobe Connect Virtual classroom: No warning when user sets incorrect date.
  • [OO-4282] – Navigation icons in CP viewer overlap with PDF content
  • [OO-4286] – WebDAV: duplicates shared folders


  • [OO-4251] – Add organisation to curriculum table
  • [OO-4255] – Export of courses must be „streamed“
  • [OO-4256] – Add „Inspire“ client flag to vitero
  • [OO-4257] – Set installation complete after database upgrades
  • [OO-4258] – Don’t check structure node password, if there isn’t any configured
  • [OO-4273] – QTI 2.1: optimize rendering of test vs bookmark and autosave
  • [OO-4276] – Improvements in Video administration
  • [OO-4277] – High score: don’t show the „Congratulations“ if failed
  • [OO-4281] – Lectures: in lecture management, query of tab „Lectures“ is slow
  • [OO-4287] – Assessment tool is slow with very large number of assessed users and as an administrator

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1.2


  • [OO-4228] – Cannot index single page course node with certain configuration
  • [OO-4229] – Optimize increment download counter for files
  • [OO-4230] – Search in members tab doesn’t filter anything
  • [OO-4231] – CSS suboptimal for the special tab rendering on certain themes
  • [OO-4232] – External document editors should not depend on enabled REST API
  • [OO-4233] – SMS: the provider get the *** version of the phone number
  • [OO-4235] – It should only be possible to select one coach as topic
  • [OO-4236] – Optimize listing of directory in folder component
  • [OO-4237] – Update failed with very long image name
  • [OO-4238] – XSS filter name of document in blog
  • [OO-4239] – RS: in course lectures for teachers, cancel the search
  • [OO-4240] – Redscreen collect documents- when no document is uploaded
  • [OO-4242] – Assessment mode without curriculum management
  • [OO-4243] – RS: size of background not available
  • [OO-4244] – Language adaption (en-de) Video-Livestream
  • [OO-4245] – Cannot delete course with survey
  • [OO-4246] – RS: going on a survey course element
  • [OO-4247] – Catalog: table may disappear when setting a filter
  • [OO-4248] – Don’t reload calendars after every click in the configuration’s panel
  • [OO-4249] – PeekView: don’t show deleted files in folder course element


  • [OO-4225] – Add more rows to group management table
  • [OO-4234] – Show curriculum element hierarchy in quality surveys

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1.1


  • [OO-4221] – Lectures: participant curriculum overview miss last parent
  • [OO-4222] – VFS: can definitively delete revisions
  • [OO-4223] – Notifications NPE: if an handler don’t play nice
  • [OO-4224] – Self registration is not possible
  • [OO-4226] – Question pool: cannot open a question
  • [OO-4227] – VFS: in course storage, folder doesn’t exists


  • [OO-4213] – Sort coaches in quality analysis filter

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 14.1


  • [OO-4126] – Repeating downloads of ***.dms file
  • [OO-4132] – Sometimes button to add user to org is missing
  • [OO-4174] – Import Questions from the question pool as quiz for Videos
  • [OO-4182] – HTML Sanitizer remove javascript:parent.goto({course node id})
  • [OO-4185] – Error message when editing a newly created file in ONLYOFFICE
  • [OO-4187] – RS: back and next in duplicate group wizard
  • [OO-4188] – RS: coach make revisions in GTA
  • [OO-4189] – RS: author concurrently edit test and see results
  • [OO-4190] – OnlyOffice: document key generated from wrong lastModified
  • [OO-4191] – RS: button preview in course element editor of LTI
  • [OO-4192] – Course search in user management doesn’t return any results
  • [OO-4193] – XSS-filter filters internal links
  • [OO-4194] – QTI 2.1: allow copy from solution in feedback of text entry interactions
  • [OO-4195] – RS: cannot delete a curriculum with element linked to a lecture block
  • [OO-4196] – New forum: HTML codes are visible in title
  • [OO-4197] – RS: picking efficiency statement for portfolio with Oracle
  • [OO-4202] – User management: it’s not possible to ad a user to learning resources
  • [OO-4208] – EP: Questionnaire title is used for entry instead of title field
  • [OO-4212] – Archive: export preferences for QTI are only used if the configuration is opened

New Feature

  • [OO-4092] – Kalendar: reset and delete all events
  • [OO-4093] – Test: show estimated item time in test overview
  • [OO-4111] – Skipping of email validation as new option of registration workflow
  • [OO-4113] – Search learning resources by organisation
  • [OO-4130] – QM: Means in heatmap
  • [OO-4151] – Datamodel to implement AbsenceNotice
  • [OO-4155] – Absence reason as predefined list for absence categories
  • [OO-4161] – Option to display test results when using assessment mode
  • [OO-4162] – Average score method as alternative to sum of score on structure node
  • [OO-4203] – Paypal Checkout v2
  • [OO-4214] – Lecture Management Site
  • [OO-4215] – Coaching Tool: Absence management with cockpit and multi roll call
  • [OO-4216] – Coaching Tool: Class view for master coaches
  • [OO-4217] – Record notice of absences and dispensations
  • [OO-4218] – Extended personal absence overview for users


  • [OO-4149] – Update libraries
  • [OO-4152] – Code cleaning
  • [OO-4183] – New deafult Edubase URLs
  • [OO-4184] – Course statistics has no values for live stream course nodes


  • [OO-4086] – When embedding YouTube video resource import metadata such as license, description etc.
  • [OO-4088] – Help test authors deal with licensed items
  • [OO-4091] – Forum: Improve thread table in single message view
  • [OO-4104] – Rubric Reporting display enhancement
  • [OO-4134] – Exclude single questions in report statistics
  • [OO-4142] – Change question weight of a used questionnaire
  • [OO-4143] – Show no warning in survey if text field is left blank
  • [OO-4165] – Migrate full text search to db search in question pool
  • [OO-4170] – User import should set current org by default for users
  • [OO-4198] – Add a warning if the correct doesn’t have points but an incorrect one has
  • [OO-4199] – Count binder made of template as reference in authoring tool
  • [OO-4200] – Add label for more than 12 lecture per day
  • [OO-4201] – Stricter validation of the quota size
  • [OO-4204] – Disable creation of new QTI 1.2 course elements by default
  • [OO-4205] – Flexi XLSX table export doesn’t export footer
  • [OO-4209] – OpenMeetings: remove the VCRP email address from „Send email“
  • [OO-4210] – Option to set user info field as mandatory for questionnaire
  • [OO-4211] – QTI 2.1: start export numbering by 1


You can download the Open Source software for free.

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