New Features 13.1

With OpenOLAT 13.1 we release our latest major release. In addition to the introduction of the new user status „Pending“, the integration of edu-sharing and the trend report in the quality management module was implemented. For video learning resources, it is now possible to include annotations and quiz questions that are displayed during playback. The task module has also been extended so that tasks can also be selected and edited voluntarily.

Overall more than 35 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 13.0 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 13.1 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 45 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes for 13.0 – 13.0.3 can be found here.

You can download the Open Source software for free.



Video learning resource

Well-prepared learning videos are an essential component of many e-learning formats. Learning can be additionally supported and improved by integrated questions on content as well as relevant information during the video. Therefore, the video learning resource has been enhanced with two functionalities: quizzes and annotations.



To highlight or explain important aspects at certain points in videos, markers can be set and annotations can be integrated into the video. Each marker is visible in the video’s timeline and can be color formatted accordingly. The annotations appear at the desired position in the video for the specified duration.


Quiz questions

A video learning resource can have quiz questions added to the content just mediated. The video stops at the point and the user has some time to reflect on the material by answering the question. If the answer is correct, the video continues. Ten question types are supported. The questions can either be created directly in the video editor or imported from the question pool.


User status „Pending“

A new „Pending“ option has been added to the self-registration configuration to define the user status for self-registered users. When a new user registers, it will receive one of the following states, depending on the preconfigured option:

  • Active: The new user is immediately transferred to the active user state.
  • Hanging: The new user is assigned the status „Pending“. If at least one e-mail address is stored, the recipient will be informed of the new user’s registration by e-mail and can activate or delete it accordingly.
  • Pending, if one of the following user attributes applies: One (or more) e-mail addresses of persons to be notified about the self-registration can also be stored. In addition, up to five user properties can be defined, which are checked during the registration of the new user. If one of the attributes (e.g. institution, function, e-mail address) matches the details of the new user, the latter is set to the status „Pending“.


Optional task

By extending the task module, it is now possible to map optional tasks in addition to mandatory tasks, thus making exercises available to participants. Participants can also be offered several tasks for voluntary processing. If a participant has submitted a solution for the task, a sample solution can be presented, for example.


Quality management: Trend report

A trend report was added to the quality management module to show the development over a longer period of time. The trend report can be displayed for the year, half-year, quarter and month. All survey questions and the time grouping set above are displayed in the overview. For each question, the current trend of the average value is visualized. Changes from the previous value are shown in brackets.


Integration of edu-sharing

In order to use e-Learning resources of the platform edu-Sharing in the sense of Open educational resources (OER), a plugin was integrated into the HTML editor. Using the icon , edu-Sharing content can be used directly in OpenOLAT. The function must first be activated in the administration. An account with edu-Sharing is required.


Additional notes

  • Support of (animated) gif for catalog layers
  • Addition of the column „Identifier“ in the calendar to better differentiate between the individual entries
  • Possibility of entering additional data during user registration
  • Support of the current GoToTraining authentication mechanism


Technical details

  • Update of various software libraries
  • Adding Vitero to automatic CSP Implementation


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 13.1.2


  • [OO-3870] – Video: unable to enter e.g. "f" in gap text
  • [OO-3872] – Portfolio: lazy landing error going in entries
  • [OO-3873] – Notifications: stop notifications for resources in courses if course is closed
  • [OO-3874] – HTML to Word: list with several items but only last is in Word document
  • [OO-3875] – HTML to Word: missing images
  • [OO-3877] – Limiting count of words in essay question are calculated confusion
  • [OO-3878] – Hot Spot correct solution are not shown in assessment tool
  • [OO-3879] – No "Not saved yet" alert after changing a formula a second time
  • [OO-3880] – QTI 2.1: apply trimming for FIB to statistics and archive
  • [OO-3881] – Delete tasks and participant folder of deleted users
  • [OO-3885] – Duplicated Questions from question bank
  • [OO-3886] – LTI course element counts attempts only when pressing start button
  • [OO-3891] – Portfolio: rs twice same first name / last name in evaluation
  • [OO-3892] – Portfolio: rs multi evaluation without available evaluations
  • [OO-3895] – Course statistics: weekly statistics are diplayed wrong
  • [OO-3897] – New editor: can't delete headers in a 4 column container
  • [OO-3898] – Task: table shows 0 documents after reopening and accepting submission again
  • [OO-3899] – RS: delete a resource permanently
  • [OO-3900] – Export / import course: the storage folder is unzipped at the wrong place
  • [OO-3901] – Rubric in survey: long title covers headers of following colums


  • [OO-3871] – Video: add an overlay under questions
  • [OO-3876] – Links within a descritption of groups are not shown at…

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 13.1.1


  • [OO-3839] – Group: rs if administrator add folder tool as bulk configuration
  • [OO-3842] – GTA: rs missing group
  • [OO-3843] – RS: cannot delete an organisation linked to a curriculum
  • [OO-3845] – RS: download file deleted by someone else
  • [OO-3846] – Taxonomy: wording of merge and delete action
  • [OO-3848] – Edit panel of a text section closes after selection of a menu option.
  • [OO-3849] – GTA: solution not showed with specific configurations
  • [OO-3851] – Remove button to add "text section" in survey editor
  • [OO-3861] – QTI 2.1: RS in correction workflow with limited number of questions in section
  • [OO-3862] – QTI 2.1: Excel results archive for Kprim
  • [OO-3865] – Missing line at end of single page
  • [OO-3866] – Organisations: limited access to full text search for participants


  • [OO-3838] – Personal tools: Add column last user update to evidence of achievement overview
  • [OO-3840] – Better Oracle support
  • [OO-3847] – OAuth: provider configured to be default

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 13.1


  • [OO-3785] – Update libraries
  • [OO-3817] – Single page: use of pages from _courseelementdata is not supported but the folder appears in chooser
  • [OO-3824] – RS: send mail from member list of group without members
  • [OO-3825] – RS: select a bunch of the questions to be removed from a list
  • [OO-3826] – Bulk update: update role author not possible any more
  • [OO-3827] – Remove „since“ in course statistics
  • [OO-3828] – QM: Heatmap grouping „location“ has no entries
  • [OO-3829] – QM: Do not show entries whithout grouping keys in heat map
  • [OO-3830] – QTI 2.1: rs convert 1.2 to 2.1
  • [OO-3832] – Indexer status only check one indexer
  • [OO-3833] – An administrator can remove „user“ right
  • [OO-3834] – Show the name of the mail recipient in the „to“ field in the contact dialog
  • [OO-3836] – Smaller sign in QTI tests
  • [OO-3837] – QTI 2.1: correction workflow fib question: ignore spaces before and after text input

New Feature

  • [OO-3715] – Support for optional tasks
  • [OO-3719] – New user state „pending“ for not-yet-activated users
  • [OO-3720] – Option to set self-registered users in pending state
  • [OO-3721] – Set organisation for self registered users
  • [OO-3745] – Video resource: support for markers
  • [OO-3747] – QM: Survey execution without login
  • [OO-3748] – QM: Heatmap Link from data collection list entry to Report
  • [OO-3752] – QM: Limit the number of shown uploaded files in the report
  • [OO-3755] – Video resource: support for in-video questions
  • [OO-3778] – QM: Analysis: New filters „role“ and „curriculum element type“
  • [OO-3818] – Multi single pages: allow to pick a page in a shared folder


  • [OO-2145] – Excel import of questions: allow for double quote enclosure of fields
  • [OO-3527] – Update GoToTraining to new authentication style
  • [OO-3717] – Show disclaimer during registration before entering the mail address
  • [OO-3718] – Add additional step in user registration to enter more data
  • [OO-3723] – Refactor MetaInfo to generic VFS, make sure it gets always deleted and copied
  • [OO-3772] – Several times same translator in the fallback chain
  • [OO-3793] – Allow (animated) gif for catalog level images
  • [OO-3797] – TinyMCE Plugin to use edu-sharing content in HTML editor
  • [OO-3799] – Quota management
  • [OO-3819] – QM: Trend report of averages in relation to question
  • [OO-3831] – Calendar List: Additional column „identifier“
  • [OO-3835] – vitero enhancements


You can download the Open Source software for free.

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