New Features 12.5

With OpenOLAT 12.5 we release our latest major release. The main component of this release are adaptations to meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force since 25 May 2018. Installation is recommended by frentix if the customer is affected by the guidelines. For hosted systems, customers can let us know when the new release should be installed.

Overall more than 50 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 12.4 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 12.5 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 50 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes for 12.4 – 12.4.3 can be found here.

You can download the Open Source software for free.



Adaptions to meet the the requirements of GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the basic principles of user data protection. In order to meet the requirements of the GDRP, adjustments were made in particular to the export and deletion of user data.


Deleting users and user data

Deleting OpenOLAT users has the following effect:

  • For users without a system role, all user data is deleted.
  • For users with administrative roles, all user data except first and last name is deleted to ensure a transparent and consistent display of administrative actions in the log files (e.g. of courses). If required, the data can also be deleted in the user administration via the “Clear” action in the “Deleted Users” table.
  • Personal data is deleted from the log tables. The user name is deleted and replaced by an ID in the log tables.
  • Personal data is deleted from the log file. Instead of the user name, only one ID is written into the log file.
  • The user’s portfolio is deleted.
  • The user’s personal chat messages are deleted.
  • Personal forum posts and comments will be anonymized after the deletion of the user and identified as “unknown user”.
  • Comments and ratings of the user are deleted. Replies of the deleted user to comments are replaced by “User has been deleted”.
  • The user’s visiting card is no longer displayed in OpenOLAT (e.g. in the forum or for comments).


Adjustments in the user administration

The following information has been added to the “Deleted Users” table in the user administration:

  • Deleted: when was the user deleted
  • Deleted by: who deleted the user
  • Roles: Roles of deleted user
  • Clear: Action to delete the first and last names of deleted administrative users


The direct deletion of a user in the user administration has been supplemented by an additional confirmation to prevent accidental user deletion.


Export of user data

In the user management an export of the user data stored in OpenOLAT can be performed for each user.

Data that can be exported:


Information on Export:

The export must be requested by OpenOLAT users from the respective user administrator. The user administrator can perform the export via the user management.

The export is then available for download in the “User data” tab in the personal settings of the user who requested the export. In addition, a download link is generated, which can be made available to the user by the user administrator.


Further adjustments to data protection

  • E-mail addresses of other users are only visible to administrative users, not to normal users
  • Printing of terms of use possible from login dialog and in personal settings




Additional notes

  • QTI2.1: Display of the “correct solution” for essay text questions in the correction workflow
  • Kprim: Added background colors for the columns “true” and “false”
  • Size of the titles below videos reduced and adjusted
  • LTI course element: Option to skip the start page

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.5.6


  • [OO-3636] – RS: reminder cannot be send
  • [OO-3637] – QTI 2.1: back from user specific correction workflow
  • [OO-3638] – RS: expert rule with divide by zero error
  • [OO-3640] – QTI 2.1 – numerical input: relative bound generates wrong error message
  • [OO-3644] – Booking method "Shibboleth" is visible in "Access configuration"
  • [OO-3645] – Reminders: attempts rule make an error
  • [OO-3646] – Subscriptions still active although group is removed from course
  • [OO-3647] – Add coached group: advanced search

New Feature

  • [OO-3639] – E-Mail workflow when course is deleted/finished


  • [OO-3648] – Update vitero interfaces


  • [OO-3641] – Excel based question import: additional data for MC questions
  • [OO-3643] – Close assessment mode if the course is closed or deleted
  • [OO-3649] – QTI2.1: Editing questions' feedback though the test has been already used

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.5.5


  • [OO-3605] – Question bank: "share with pool" dialog shows too much
  • [OO-3607] – Several times the same user in participant folder WebDAV view
  • [OO-3614] – QTI 2.1: several videos in result report
  • [OO-3615] – Delete Users fails for a number of accounts
  • [OO-3632] – RS toggle meta data of file meta data
  • [OO-3633] – Group still assigned to learning area although removed from course
  • [OO-3634] – Lectures: click on all don't resist the comment


  • [OO-3413] – Simplify addition of videos to HTML pages
  • [OO-3594] – Task: some enhancements for the collect workflow
  • [OO-3608] – Better table color style with striped row rendering
  • [OO-3612] – Make OpenOLAT compatible with Safe Exam Browser 2.2
  • [OO-3631] – QTI 2.1: allow tolerance 0.0 in numerical input
  • [OO-3635] – Add note about autosaved content for essay questions in correction workflow

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.5.4


  • [OO-3588] – Checklist Excel Export
  • [OO-3592] – Quota doesn't work in participant folder course element
  • [OO-3593] – Improve title in multi single pages generation with long title
  • [OO-3598] – ShibbolethDispatcher does not check if disclaimer has to be accepted
  • [OO-3601] – Specific links to CP pages cannot be copied
  • [OO-3602] – Typo in SQL upgrade 12.5 for MySQL
  • [OO-3603] – RestAPI: syntax check for usernames is missing


  • [OO-3587] – QTI 2.1: improve results reporting printout
  • [OO-3589] – Forum: owners without authoring rights should be able to filter for user
  • [OO-3590] – Forum: notifications should be sent if guests post messages
  • [OO-3600] – Add information how to get GDPR compliant user data export
  • [OO-3604] – Add info about test to results reporting

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.5.3


  • [OO-3579] – EP: my entries list sorting broken
  • [OO-3582] – Blog and podcast posts were lost during update to OpenOLAT 12.0


  • [OO-3581] – EP: save timeline visibility state in GUI prefs
  • [OO-3583] – GTA: prolongate a task before something happens leads to empty assignment

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.5.2


  • [OO-3544] – Assessment Mode and Assessment period: Time difference
  • [OO-3551] – QTI: test statistics show download and print buttons twice
  • [OO-3552] – QTI 2.1: in result report test score counted twice automatic corrected questions
  • [OO-3553] – QTI 2.1: RS in rendering phase while calculating the duration
  • [OO-3554] – WebDAV: the list of user names in the change password panel doesn’t reflect the reality
  • [OO-3555] – Course element member list: the mail function take only one external mail address
  • [OO-3556] – RS: select a booking in course archive tool
  • [OO-3557] – RS participant folder: file count not a number
  • [OO-3560] – New Filter applied unpublished blog entries in info mail
  • [OO-3564] – Wiki: initialisation error
  • [OO-3567] – QTI 2.1: test made in test resources doesn’t increment attempts
  • [OO-3569] – Downloading content of course element “folder” and not chooseing any file leads to corrupt zipfile
  • [OO-3570] – Solution string of gap question containing “<” at the beginning will be complemented with some html code
  • [OO-3574] – QTI 2.1: gap protrudes over the edge if gap is too long
  • [OO-3575] – RS: empty bread crumb
  • [OO-3576] – RS: mismatch file / folder in folder component

New Feature

  • [OO-3573] – Add course title at publicing process wizzard


  • [OO-3558] – Performance of the course folder
  • [OO-3559] – Questionnaire: export to qpool results in RS
  • [OO-3561] – Members list: add group infos in contacts list
  • [OO-3562] – RS: multithread issue with the language detection
  • [OO-3563] – WebDAV: digest authentication doesn’t work with Umlaut
  • [OO-3565] – Support \( \), \[ \] and $$ $$ notation for LaTeX formatting
  • [OO-3566] – QTi 2.1: maxima operator need to adjust its return type to the template
  • [OO-3577] – QTI 2.1: Recalculate course status after closing a test
  • [OO-3578] – Imported glossary via course are set as “deleted”

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.5.1


  • [OO-3541] – Business group: last visited is not updated
  • [OO-3543] – RS in Wiki on external server
  • [OO-3545] – QTI 2.1: RS detaching a question in test from the pool
  • [OO-3547] – Portfolio: concurrent open and delete of a page
  • [OO-3548] – Grading tool does not use the right translator
  • [OO-3549] – Cannot click the menu tree of a course if toolbar and breadcrumb are disabled
  • [OO-3550] – Mail: outbox doesn’t mail someone sends to itself


  • [OO-3539] – QTI 2.1: Error message if tolerance in numerical input is 0.0
  • [OO-3540] – Display group ID in “Add to group” dialog for better group distinction
  • [OO-3546] – Folder listing: showing the size of a folder

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.5


  • [OO-3479] – Delete portfolio binder and media library when deleting a user
  • [OO-3487] – Delete all instant messaging / chat related data when deleting a user
  • [OO-3488] – Delete comments and ratings when deleting a user
  • [OO-3529] – TinyMCE table cellpadding/spacing

New Feature

  • [OO-3489] – User data export tool
  • [OO-3521] – Add print button to disclaimer view


  • [OO-3431] – Kprim: background colors for true and false columns
  • [OO-3475] – Don’t show visiting card of deleted users
  • [OO-3476] – Deleting user must delete all user properties and anonymise any remaining data
  • [OO-3477] – Remove personal data from the user activity logging table
  • [OO-3478] – Remove personal data from olat.log
  • [OO-3482] – Add additional step to delete dialog to prevent accidental deletion
  • [OO-3486] – Show delete date and name of deleter in list of deleted users
  • [OO-3512] – QTI2.1: for essay question types show correct solution in correction workflow
  • [OO-3518] – Make email not visible in lists for normal users by default
  • [OO-3523] – Option to override the LTI skipacceptlaunchpage settings
  • [OO-3527] – Update GoToTraining to new authentication style
  • [OO-3532] – Third queue for task manager
  • [OO-3534] – Make video title appear less big


  • [OO-3490] – User data export: profile
  • [OO-3491] – User data export: user settings
  • [OO-3492] – User data export: profile image / avatar
  • [OO-3493] – User data export: personal notes
  • [OO-3494] – User data export: private / public folder content
  • [OO-3495] – User data export: information about accepted disclaimer
  • [OO-3496] – User data export: calendar data
  • [OO-3497] – User data export: subscriptions
  • [OO-3498] – User data export: bookings
  • [OO-3499] – User data export: efficiency statements
  • [OO-3500] – User data export: course memberships
  • [OO-3501] – User data export: group memberships
  • [OO-3502] – User data export: mails
  • [OO-3503] – User data export: chat messages
  • [OO-3504] – User data export: forum posts
  • [OO-3505] – User data export: comments and ratings
  • [OO-3506] – User data export: blog / podcast items
  • [OO-3507] – User data export: course tasks
  • [OO-3508] – User data export: course file discussion
  • [OO-3509] – User data export: course member folder
  • [OO-3510] – User data export: log
  • [OO-3511] – User data export: eportfolio


You can download the Open Source software for free.