New Features 12.4

With OpenOLAT 12.4 we release our latest major release. Main part of this release is, on the one hand, the implementation of a license management for pictures, as well as text, audio and video files. On the other hand, we have improved and thoroughly redesigned the correction workflow of the assessment tool. In addition, we have added several new features, namely to the ePortfolio.

Overall more than 60 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 12.3 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 12.4 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 60 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes for 12.3 – 12.3.4 can be found here.

You can download the Open Source software for free.



License management

License management shall allow users, namely authors, to add a license to their content (pictures, text, audio and video files), if required. When uploading such a resource within the authoring section, or when adding it to the course element “folder”, a license can be assigned. You can view the licenses in the metadata.


In the corresponding overview of the course element «folder» and in the authoring section all assigned licenses will be shown in the column «license». By clicking on a license, detailed license information will be displayed.


Search for licenses

In the extended search form in the authoring section use the provided dropdown list to search for a license. The search results show only learning resources with the selected license(s). In the full-text search of the course element “folder” the search results show available license information.


License administration

The OpenOLAT license management is optional and can be managed in the administration. There you may activate/deactivate access to licenses in general, or for each license type separately. This applies to the course element “folder”, the question bank and learning resources.

In the administration the most common licenses are available by default. In addition, own licenses can be added. For the OpenOLAT sections “folder” (course element), question bank and learning resources you can furthermore set an initial license and initial licensor. Then they will be automatically added to a newly created element (learning resource, question or file).


License service in question bank

All available licenses are also accessible in the question bank. In a question’s metadata under “rights” a license can be chosen from all available licenses in OpenOLAT and assigned to the question.


e-Assessment: Improved correction workflow

The basis of e-assessments and online exams demand a well-structured and clear correction process. This is why the correction workflow in OpenOLAT has been completely restructured and improved, especially with regards to design and process flow. Thus the correction of online exams is thoroughly simplified to better support the work of correctors.


Correction status

In the questions and user overview a new status for correction was added:

  • Auto: Questions which have been automatically corrected by the system
  • Manual: Questions which have been corrected manually
  • Not corrected: Questions which haven’t been corrected yet
  • To review: Questions which have been marked for review

You will immediately see if all corrections have been done, or whether there are questions which still need to be reviewed or corrected.


Correction workflow enhancements and navigation

There are two ways to do corrections:

  • Correction of one question item at a time for all users
  • Correction of one user at a time for all questions

Depending on the option chosen, you can easily navigate between questions, and users, respectively. A number of correctors can assess a test at the same time. As soon as one corrector is working on a question, it will be automatically locked for others.


Manual correction for auto-corrected items

You can now manually correct all types of questions, even those which have been automatically corrected by the system. Thus, the score for auto-corrected items can be overwritten. The feature can be useful for the FIB question type. If a participant entered a valid answer you haven’t considered as answer alternative before, you can still add points.


Question types enhancements

For the essay question type a monospace font has been implemented. Furthermore, the text area now comes with a tab stop function. This leads to better formatting and the possibility to align text parts or display columns. Thus, the essay question type is more flexible and can also be used for payroll accounting, for example.

For essay and FIB question types the formatting has been improved to preserve the layout in the correction mode. In addition, the new question type true/false has been implemented.


Additional enhancements for qti2.1, question bank and assessment tool

  • Excel export with section information and points
  • The maximum score for each item can be shown in a test
  • Improved display of answer and solution in the result report
  • Notice: A user’s notes in a test are private and will not be considered for the exam
  • Display of images and videos in question’s disabled mode

ePortfolio enhancements

The ePortfolio has been further improved. The portfolio summary can be activated or deactivated in the overview and entries section.

All assigned portfolio tasks of a section are now available in a dropdown list.

For the portfolio survey a coach can add a new element «File upload». The maximum file size and file type can be defined. All common file types are supported.

In the administration section the following portfolio elements can be activated or deactivated. Thus, the portfolio layout is more flexible.

  • Overview
  • Entries
  • History
  • Search
  • Table view
  • List view
  • Comments visible in Overview/Entries
  • Timeline

Additional notes

  • Course email for self-registered users
  • Third checkbox option for disclaimer
  • Extending the deadline of a task will automatically reopen the submission
  • Show the points of the check box in check list element
  • Improved search form in authoring section with multi-type search support
  • Sorting user attributes in the user import wizard enabled
  • Improve course chat and form display on mobile devices, especially iPhone

Technical details

  • Update different software libraries
  • Improvements on security and support of browser security functions
  • End-of-support for Onyx

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.4.3


  • [OO-3462] – Deleting a group doesn't delete its portfolio v.2
  • [OO-3463] – Wiki: get page if physical file doesn't exists
  • [OO-3464] – QTI 2.1: better compatibility with r/exams and MathJax
  • [OO-3466] – Deleting a user does not log out the user
  • [OO-3468] – Portfolio: the invitation mail to comments as a wrong URL
  • [OO-3469] – QTI 2.1: velocity template variable NULL
  • [OO-3470] – Cannot delete project in project broker
  • [OO-3471] – RS: missing portfolio v1 in a group
  • [OO-3472] – The button delete in checkbox delete all documents in the course element
  • [OO-3473] – Create a checkbox with the wizard only copy once the files
  • [OO-3474] – Blog: navigation through months and years has been lost
  • [OO-3480] – The list of files in file discussion course element is limited to 25
  • [OO-3481] – RS delete educational context in question pool
  • [OO-3483] – In member course element, check if "TO" is not empty before sending emails
  • [OO-3484] – QTI2.1: advanced search for additional information shows no results when the value is "A"
  • [OO-3485] – Review permission doesn't check comment permission in Portfolio UI
  • [OO-3525] – NPE disposed TOC in portfolio v2
  • [OO-3526] – NPE in correction workflow
  • [OO-3528] – RS: move taxonomy level in administration
  • [OO-3530] – Folder node: NPE occurs when renaming a linked folder from course folder
  • [OO-3531] – QTI2 editor: <u> elements are removed from DOM when copy/paste text
  • [OO-3535] – RS: delete versioned file


  • [OO-3460] – Enhanced Edubase launch to avoid device problematic
  • [OO-3465] – Slider overview of portfolio evaluation shows wrong result
  • [OO-3522] – Assessment tool: avoid displaying "null"
  • [OO-3533] – Access conditions are not saved in Card2Brain end Edubase course node

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.4.2


  • [OO-3441] – Mathjax content in tags with not only the math class aren’t rendered dynamically
  • [OO-3450] – Import course with REST with umlauts in title fails
  • [OO-3452] – A local MathJax URI leads to Problems in the HeadersFilter CSP generation
  • [OO-3453] – WebDAV upload doesn’t trigger file notifications
  • [OO-3455] – QTI 2: displaying an image as feedback is not possible
  • [OO-3456] – Cut value in SCORM settings doesn’t show error if it doesn’t validate
  • [OO-3457] – Different cut value in test and course element
  • [OO-3458] – Strip only problematic special character from file names
  • [OO-3459] – REST API do download QTI 2 resources does not work


  • [OO-3451] – Improved favicons and app icons support

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.4.1


  • [OO-3419] – kprim question: order of answers cannot be changed for good
  • [OO-3420] – RS: disable CSP
  • [OO-3421] – QTI 2.1: RS in correction workflow if someone override the score in details
  • [OO-3422] – QTI 2.1: submit ended test in linear mode
  • [OO-3423] – RS view source of velocity template
  • [OO-3425] – Booking error message for course with no booking method
  • [OO-3429] – Test Export Excel file has no content
  • [OO-3430] – OpenOLAT logo missing in OpenOLAT font
  • [OO-3432] – Essay question type: formatting fixed-font and tab not working properly in preview (editor)
  • [OO-3433] – QTI 2.1: user delete all choices of a choice question
  • [OO-3435] – GTA: download of group task in course runtime doesn’t open in Windows
  • [OO-3436] – Cannot delete a user if the coach replacement in not configured and user administrator deleted
  • [OO-3437] – QTI 2.1: export results in assessment tool difference in Excel and HTML
  • [OO-3439] – Course folder: RS occurs when creating a document in _sharedfolder_
  • [OO-3442] – QTI2.1 Tests with very long response identifiers produce db exception when results are stored
  • [OO-3444] – FormCancel.setI18nKey() does not change button text
  • [OO-3445] – Openmeetings: changing room settings in course editor disarrages layout
  • [OO-3447] – LDAP: the deletion process of LDAP user doesn’t check the permanent attribute
  • [OO-3448] – .m4v cannot be played in single page
  • [OO-3449] – OAuth provider which create user in background doesn’t show disclaimer

New Feature

  • [OO-3416] – Implement password history
  • [OO-3446] – Option to hide bread crumb navigation in course


  • [OO-3412] – Mirror the repository to Github


  • [OO-3403] – Rich text editor: adding audio file must set a default size for the player
  • [OO-3417] – Password aging policies for admin users and normal users
  • [OO-3424] – Compatibility with Facebook Graph API v2.6
  • [OO-3428] – Typo in course element Task
  • [OO-3434] – Video player doesn’t recognise the video of OpenMeeting 4 as video

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.4


  • [OO-3360] – Import of a exported video resource fails
  • [OO-3368] – Check if the participant is already in the waiting list
  • [OO-3384] – Question export to Word – different output
  • [OO-3407] – Participant folder: change of access is not recognized
  • [OO-3408] – Next / previous on table with paged data source
  • [OO-3410] – Assessment Tool: Grading manually
  • [OO-3414] – RS: set landing page
  • [OO-3418] – data: uris get converted in the assessment rendering

New Feature

  • [OO-3170] – License management
  • [OO-3179] – Portfolio: simplify section view as dropdown
  • [OO-3180] – Portfolio: elements of the view can be hidden in the administration
  • [OO-3181] – Portfolio: questionnaire assignments with file upload support
  • [OO-3185] – Portfolio: add text page as introduction
  • [OO-3214] – Course email for self registered users
  • [OO-3220] – QTI 2.1: question type true/false
  • [OO-3366] – QTI: Option to show item max score during test
  • [OO-3389] – Expose configured user properties via JavaScript for HTML5 apps
  • [OO-3409] – Third checkbox option for disclaimer


  • [OO-3277] – QTI 2.1: better value checking by feedback
  • [OO-3283] – Update libraries
  • [OO-3306] – Replace the offline QTI theme
  • [OO-3334] – QTI 2.1: essay usability, monospace font and tabs
  • [OO-3335] – QTI 2.1: notices wording
  • [OO-3338] – QTi 2.1: add sections informations in excel export
  • [OO-3339] – QTI 2.1: manual correction workflow enhancements
  • [OO-3353] – GTA: extend due date in task course element for multiples users
  • [OO-3358] – Improve course chat on mobile devices/small screens, fix iOS input zoom
  • [OO-3361] – Remove support for Onyx
  • [OO-3362] – Task: When closed, extending the deadline shall automatically reopen submission
  • [OO-3364] – QTI 2.1: results report with answer and solution only
  • [OO-3365] – Hide language chooser on login page when only one language enabled
  • [OO-3367] – Add sort by user attributes in the wizard to import people in course
  • [OO-3370] – Show the points of the check box in check list element
  • [OO-3385] – Improve author learning resource search, multi-type search
  • [OO-3388] – Prioritise QTI 2 items over QTI 1 in question bank create item workflow
  • [OO-3390] – Option to disable subject (taxonomy) and level in question pool
  • [OO-3398] – QTI 2.1: Render images and videos in disabled mode
  • [OO-3400] – QTI 2.1 correction workflow: take manual score in account to evaluate passed/failed
  • [OO-3403] – Rich text editor: adding audio file must set a default size for the player


  • [OO-3171] – License information to uploaded documents
  • [OO-3172] – Visibility of licenses
  • [OO-3173] – Search for licenses
  • [OO-3383] – Use license service in question pool


You can download the Open Source software for free.

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