New features 12.3

With OpenOLAT 12.3 we release our latest major release. Main part of this release is a complete redesign of the Question bank, and a review process to ensure high quality of questions, respectively. Furthermore, we have restructured the ePortfolio and added a new course element Edubase. There are improvements in the course element Test, and OpenOLAT now supports Google Analytics. Last but not least, we have also implemented various new features to improve the usability of the system in general.

Overall more than 80 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 12.2 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 12.3 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 40 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes to 12.2 – 12.2.8 can be found here.

You can download the Open Source software for free.



Question bank and Review process

The Question bank has been extensively reworked, and, as a new feature, there is now also a process to review test questions.

Changes to the Question bank

For more convenience, the user interface and the editor have been simplified. This also holds true for the presentation of meta data. Title and subject of a question are now handled independently.

You can now configure functions and rights within the Question bank itself. Furthermore, we have added three additional question types which can be imported into OpenOLAT using Excel: Match, Drag and Drop and Essay.


Review Process for Questions

The workflow for question assessment can be activated under Administration. If activated, all questions follow a process to allow for quality assurance. As a prerequisite, you must first define so-called taxonomy level (subjects). In addition, personnel using the Question Pool must be given access rights (teaching competence) for their teaching field. Only then the teaching fields will be visible.


In the review process questions may have one of the following states:

  • Draft – question is ready to be reviewed and linked to a subject
  • Review – question is being assessed by another teacher (not author of question)
  • Revision – question is being reworked
  • Final – question meets assessment criteria
  • End of life – question with status „final“; set by administrator or manager

E-Portfolio Redesign

The area „shared with me“ has been restructured for a clearer appearance. Under „Entries / To do“ coaches will find all released entries not yet marked „done“. Each entry is marked with a status.


Under „Binders“ we have added additional columns to display different states. The column „Remove“ allows coaches and commentators to resign from a released entry.


Furthermore, coaches are allowed to actively change the status of entries, and they can set the state to „Done“ right at the entry itself.


Release of Course Element Edubase

This course element allows you to link to e-books from Edubase. The e-books can then be opened in OpenOLAT. By using the editor, you can ask your students to read specific passages from an e-book, for example.

A prerequisite for using this course element is an Edubase account, plus the allowance to use a specific e-book. frentix customers interested in this new course element please contact Further information can be found under Edubase.


Additional Features

New filter for active courses in authoring

If a course has reached the set end date, there will be a so-called course freeze and the course mode will change to read-only. To better separate active from finished courses, we have implemented a new filter in authoring. Authors can quickly choose to show all, only active, or only finished courses, respectively. This allows for a better overview of course states.


Test Cockpit: Real-Time Monitoring of Test Sessions

We have added new actions to the assessment tool. The layout has been adapted accordingly.
In test sessions you can now

  • reopen finished tests
  • reset the amount of attempts
  • increase the time of an ongoing test

A new progress bar shows you how far the participants are with their work within an ongoing course.


Course Element Test: Set Time Frame

In the course element Test you can use the configuration to set a time frame for a test. A test can be started within a specified time frame. If the set end date is reached, the test will automatically end. Note that this will even happen if the defined test time has not been used up yet.

Additional notes

  • Visual differentiation of manually and automatically created (managed) events
  • Number of characters in course element Information increased to 32’000
  • iCal URL also for course calendar
  • Various improvements in Taxonomy management and Document Pool
  • Redesign of tables and navigation in course element File dialog
  • Supporting Google Analytics for detailed analysis of user behaviour within the application, or for analysis of devices used

Technical details

  • End-of-support warning when using old browser types such as IE 8, 9 or 10. With release 13.0 these browsers will no longer be supported
  • Safety: New options to support the X-frame-options headers
  • WebDAV: Error message pops up when quota has been reached (error code 507)
  • Built-in robots.txt and meta information to inhibit denial-of-service attacks caused by indexing processes of search engines

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.3.4


  • [OO-3391] – RS delete softly a SCORM resource
  • [OO-3393] – Missing Print Option at Assessment Tool -> Test-Statistics
  • [OO-3394] – Pictures at qti2 export single user view is missing
  • [OO-3395] – copied or converted questions are not findable immediately by search in questionbank
  • [OO-3402] – Not all columns visible in dialog "Add to group"


  • [OO-3392] – More logging informations for access via SafeExamBrowser
  • [OO-3396] – Make QTI 1.2 Archive resilient to crashes
  • [OO-3397] – Audit changes in participant summary informations done by teachers
  • [OO-3399] – Calendar feed and Outlook live
  • [OO-3404] – QTI 2.1: RS copy an unknown or unreadable assessment item in test editor
  • [OO-3405] – QTI 2.1: RS if the MathML code in an assessment item is unparseable
  • [OO-3406] – RS: cannot delete a question in question bank

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.3.3


  • [OO-3340] – specific latex formula breaks word export in qti2.1
  • [OO-3341] – Wrong text style in qti2.1 word export (with responses) at gap text
  • [OO-3342] – GTA: missing translation key
  • [OO-3346] – Missing batch actions in assessment tool list for group task
  • [OO-3347] – Check list: change in score doesn't propagate immediately to the course
  • [OO-3348] – List of course folder appears with course element identifier in storage folder of course
  • [OO-3350] – Check list: score is default active but not min / max score
  • [OO-3351] – Click on a message in course doesn't send you in the right tab
  • [OO-3356] – Hiscore not shown if checklist is not passed (calculated by number of checkboxes)
  • [OO-3359] – Assessment tool: long essay question answers are cropped in detailed results print
  • [OO-3369] – Not visible link in the callout to create a new binder
  • [OO-3371] – QTI 2.1: rs if an item as an issue during initialisation
  • [OO-3372] – Not unique GUID in a feed
  • [OO-3373] – QTI 2.1: remove indenting of the XML files
  • [OO-3375] – Invalid XML in dialog element break the upgrade to 12.3
  • [OO-3376] – Recurring event with reversed end and start date break a whole calendar
  • [OO-3378] – RS in preview of a question in pool if no taxonomy level available
  • [OO-3379] – RS try to export a question from pool without export options
  • [OO-3382] – Unnecessary warning if no results found in full text search
  • [OO-3386] – QTI 2.1: image of question placed in a sub folder aren't copied in Word file
  • [OO-3387] – iCal Cache-Control time reduce to 0


  • [OO-3343] – Change name of result zip-file of qti2.1 result export
  • [OO-3345] – Assessment mode: month in calendar for start and end date should be identical
  • [OO-3349] – New Separator between teachers when more than one teacher
  • [OO-3354] – Notifications in document pool for templates folder doesn't work
  • [OO-3355] – RS: concurrent delete / edit of a question in question bank
  • [OO-3357] – Improve legibility of quota information
  • [OO-3377] – Absencequota Report summary

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.3.2


  • [OO-3282] – RS changing metadata in the question list for administrators
  • [OO-3309] – Remove button in group member management not working as expected
  • [OO-3310] – Editing notifications does not allow editing of attachments
  • [OO-3311] – QTI 2.1: RS in FIB editor
  • [OO-3313] – SCORM API does not properly handle encoding of parameter
  • [OO-3316] – QTI2.1: multiple choice question shows wrong info message
  • [OO-3317] – Fix a timing issue between the AC module and one of its DAO which reset the settings
  • [OO-3321] – QTI 2.1: testVariables can ignore missing variables in items
  • [OO-3322] – RS opening the details page of a learning resource
  • [OO-3323] – Pool manager cannot remove questions from Pools
  • [OO-3324] – Question bank – metadata: authors entry in quick-view is not correct
  • [OO-3325] – RS question pool click on tree
  • [OO-3326] – RS assessment mode if ip has a trailing space
  • [OO-3327] – Reduce TTL of calendar to 1 hour
  • [OO-3328] – Registration mail can only be sent once
  • [OO-3329] – Group search without **
  • [OO-3330] – Calendar set 'invisible' without user consent
  • [OO-3331] – QTI 2.1: test corrupted after being placed in a course
  • [OO-3333] – Under certain circumstances an exception occurs while rendering details.html
  • [OO-3336] – Google analytics cannot be disabled
  • [OO-3337] – RS in assessment tool set result visible on structure element


  • [OO-3318] – User calendar cannot be read per feed if the user name is a number
  • [OO-3319] – RS if taxonomy identifier is too long
  • [OO-3320] – User cannot delete a portfolio entry with an assignment of type survey


  • [OO-3312] – Hide lost+found taxonomy level in document pool
  • [OO-3332] – Course calendar always visible in course

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.3.1


  • [OO-3274] – RS delete a taxonomy level without document directory
  • [OO-3278] – Deleting user does not delete user competencies
  • [OO-3279] – Number of elements in sub-subjects in question bank not shown
  • [OO-3281] – Filter in taxonomy tree table has a strange behaviour


  • [OO-3275] – QTI 2.1: default "Hide LMS" in learn resource
  • [OO-3276] – Add some user properties to the test signature email
  • [OO-3285] – Allow bigger content in the info message course element
  • [OO-3287] – REST API: authors and owners can download their courses

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.3


  • [OO-3208] – Can’t remove Booking method „Access code“ via „Modification of course access“ in the Publish-dialog
  • [OO-3229] – RS delete a portfolio template (v.2)
  • [OO-3230] – Video transcoding block the encoding queue if a video generate a Segmentation Fault
  • [OO-3236] – Running test: heighth of div increases
  • [OO-3242] – Title of browser history items do not match the history item
  • [OO-3251] – Sort list within course element participant folder after name in alphabetical way
  • [OO-3255] – No update of table view after changing access setting in „My entries“/“Favourites“
  • [OO-3256] – Booking method will not be deleted if choosen while in publishing process
  • [OO-3257] – The extra activatable column Author (Besitzer) is either just wrong translated in german or it is filled with wrong content.
  • [OO-3265] – Better support of orderInteraction
  • [OO-3266] – Interferences between javascript of associateInteraction and matchInteraction
  • [OO-3270] – Add PostgreSQL specific index to speed lowered case search
  • [OO-3271] – Assessment mode prep time does not autosart in manual setting
  • [OO-3272] – Profil: Portrait and logo should only be deleted if save button is clicked
  • [OO-3273] – Autobooking: Use the common interface to clean up when deleting a user

New Feature

  • [OO-2967] – QTI 2.1: test cockpit in assessment tool
  • [OO-3029] – Portfolio 2.0: new design of „Shared with me“
  • [OO-3111] – Question bank: Review process
  • [OO-3146] – QTI 2.1: add test period to course element test
  • [OO-3155] – Show warning on login-screen when user uses an old, unsupported browser
  • [OO-3174] – QTI 2.1: Excelimport for matrix, drag&drop and essay
  • [OO-3178] – Taxonomy: move and merge levels
  • [OO-3184] – Course element „edubase“ eBook reader integration
  • [OO-3196] – Differentiate managed and not managed calendar entries
  • [OO-3216] – Search for finished and active courses in authoring and Courses
  • [OO-3217] – Archive: add assessment documents to course archive
  • [OO-3221] – Quota alert in QTI course element
  • [OO-3222] – Single page course element: check shared folder configuration
  • [OO-3226] – Question bank is shown taxonomy based in sites
  • [OO-3227] – Infos page of document pool in taxonomy directory
  • [OO-3228] – Controllers leak in question pool
  • [OO-3233] – Add the URL of the course calendar
  • [OO-3234] – Code analyse
  • [OO-3235] – Add method to force-reload all static resources during production
  • [OO-3243] – Introduce analytics service infrastructure and base implementation for Google Analytics
  • [OO-3245] – Enhance REST API for courses


  • [OO-3109] – Downloaded Folders within Tasks with additional Informations beneath Username
  • [OO-3168] – Question bank: wording adaptions
  • [OO-3182] – Use original icons in card2brain and Edubase course node
  • [OO-3183] – Regular alignment of the elements in the course tree
  • [OO-3218] – Assessment documents cannot be deleted when status is closed
  • [OO-3219] – QTI 2.1: random order of questions in statistics
  • [OO-3225] – File discussion: add new user property context
  • [OO-3237] – Make document pool title configurable
  • [OO-3246] – Shibboleth module creates unnecessary warning in startup
  • [OO-3247] – New security setting to prevent cross-frame attacks
  • [OO-3249] – Question bank: Convert and copy into same place
  • [OO-3264] – Extend mail template length check to support inline images
  • [OO-3269] – Add newest elearnint test to about page


  • [OO-3110] – Question bank: new editor
  • [OO-3112] – Question bank: settings in system administration
  • [OO-3113] – Question bank: configure pool manager rights
  • [OO-3114] – Question bank: administration
  • [OO-3115] – Question bank: Taxonomy
  • [OO-3116] – Question bank: implement review process
  • [OO-3117] – Question bank: review process GUI
  • [OO-3118] – Question bank: Assessment mode for course coaches
  • [OO-3119] – Test: Import of questions from pool shows tab Final
  • [OO-3120] – Test: meta data from question bank is shown
  • [OO-3121] – Question bank: topic vs title
  • [OO-3122] – Question bank: administration search
  • [OO-3123] – Question bank: number of to do’s is shown


You can download the Open Source software for free.

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