New features 12.0 and 12.1

With OpenOLAT 12.1 we release our latest major release. Main part of this release ist the implementation and integration of the roll call into OpenOLAT. Furthermore we extended the course element task about diverse features and revised the infrastructure of the blog and podcast. In this release we also turned of QTI 1.2. Finally wie worked at the reminders, the course element notifications and the search.

Overall more than 85 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 11.5 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 12.1 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 75 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes to 11.5 – 11.5.4 can be found here.

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Roll call

In the release 12.0 we implemented and integrated the roll call into OpenOLAT. The roll call is turned on as a global course tool in the administration. frentix-customers contact frentix please.

Create lecture blocks

The roll call is used per course. The course owner (course administration) can create lecture blocks. These lectures blocks contain the number of lectures. Additionally the attendance quote is defined. Also a belated course start of a participant can be considered. If OpenOLAT is connected to an external system by the syncher, the lecture blocks are synchronized and built automatically.

 Conduct absence control

The procedure of the absence control is done by the course coach (tutor, teacher). Upon the beginning of the lecture the roll call is available. Depending on the configuration excused and not excused absences including justification can be inserted. Finally the whole lecture block is closed. As soon as the lecture block is closed and the auto close period is reached, it will become visible to the course participant.
Further the absence control can be printed as PDF. Like this the classic signature list is created which can be transferred into OpenOLAT afterward manually.

Review absences

Participants can an overview over all courses in which the roll call has been activated. Here they can see the attendance quote and if desired they could appeal.

Roll call in a nutshell

  • Integrated roll call
  • Determine absences per course/li>
  • Create lecture blocks with lectures
  • Conduct absence control
  • Review absences
  • Appeal
  • Evaluation and excel export for the course secretariat


Course element task

The course element task has been revised completely. Thus especially the individual treatment of every participant has been improved.

Individual dates

For every process step an individual date can be given to every participant. By default the dates of the configuration are overtaken. Afterward e.g. the submission date can be extended.


With the revision of the course element task also the notifications have been revised. The notifications will be sent when finishing a process step. Also the texts are designed more significant and where ever possible the links lead directly to the uploaded files.

Step Revision

As until now the task can be returned for revision. Now also a deadline for the revision can be set. Additionally it is defined in the configuration, how many documents are allow to upload in the revision.

Course element task in a nutshell

  • Set and extend individual dates
  • Notifications revised
  • Limited number of documents in the revision
  • Reset an already assigned task

QTI 1.2 turned off

With the release 11.0 the test standard has been changed from IMS QTI 1.2 to IMS QTI 2.1. During the last year we have worked at the test infrastructure of QTI 2.1 and the assessment tool intensively. Some customers already work with QTI 2.1 tests only and could gather a lot of positive experiences. QTI 1.2 will not be developed any further in OpenOLAT.
Therefore QTI 1.2 has been turned of for release 12.0. This means: no new tests or questions in QTI 1.2 can be created anymore. The already existing tests and questions will be available further on and can still be used. Further information about the change from QTI 1.2 to QTI 2.1 can be found in the manual.
Deshalb wurde QTI 1.2 auf den Release 12.0 abgeschaltet. Dies bedeutet, dass keine neuen Tests und Fragen in QTI 1.2 mehr erstellt werden können. Die bereits erstellten Tests und Fragen stehen weiterhin zur Verfügung und können nach wie vor benutzt werden. Weitere Informationen zum Wechsel von QTI 1.2 auf QTI 2.1 finden Sie im Handbuch.

Notifications and improvements in the blog and podcast

The infrastructure of the course elements blog and podcast has been revised completely. This leads to more stability of both course elements and reduces the risk of loosing written entries. In this context the comment and assessing features have been optimized and the notifications improved.

Further news

Course element notifications

With this release attachments can be added to messages which have been created with the course element notifications. Additionally if sending the message by email it can be chosen to which course role the email should be sent. Still the message is visible to all course members who can see the course element notifications.


The layout of the reminder has been revised. Beside the title of the reminder which supports the overview for the creater additionally a subject of the email can be defined. This subject will shown to the receiver of the email.

Filter in the authoring

In the authoring a first step into to direction of a better overview of the learning resources has been done. In the advanced search it can be filtered after

Additional notes

  • Export of portfolio possible as CP-export or pdf-export
  • WebDAV access by email address possible
  • Roles and course mapping forShibboleth authentication
  • Full-text search for guests possible


  • Update mediaelementjs video player to 4.1.x
  • Info: Microsoft Support finishes for IE 8, 9, 10 –> OpenOLAT support until end of the year, in 2018 only IE 11 and newer

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.1.4


  • [OO-3086] – Reminder setting is not read at start
  • [OO-3087] – Timeout for full text search
  • [OO-3088] – RS close roll call if the minutes field is empty and the "-" reason choosed
  • [OO-3089] – RS in blog when creating new post
  • [OO-3091] – RS coaching tool if a group doesn't have any courses
  • [OO-3095] – Reason mandatory by roll call
  • [OO-3097] – RS: deleted course in author list
  • [OO-3098] – RS delete task element with revision dates


  • [OO-3093] – Instruction Text for teachers for roll call
  • [OO-3094] – Add course location and external reference to members course element email template
  • [OO-3096] – Field reason during lecture closing process newly mandatory

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.1.3


  • [OO-3042] – email is not sent if an addional owner is added in the member management of a course
  • [OO-3059] – Issues after update to mediaelement.js 4.2.6
  • [OO-3060] – Lectures reminder: if the reminders are disabled, write the markers too
  • [OO-3061] – RS: use a deleted assessment test session
  • [OO-3062] – Portrait vertical alignment in the member print list for IE 11
  • [OO-3063] – Cannot delete definitively a course with a portfolio
  • [OO-3064] – Update selenium
  • [OO-3065] – Unwanted auto-booking when no identifier delivered
  • [OO-3068] – Description in email "activation new email address" is wrong
  • [OO-3069] – Calendar moves event when changed to recurring event
  • [OO-3070] – Archive course log: comma in titles confuses output
  • [OO-3072] – Bulk assessment: identity list can be null
  • [OO-3073] – Increment attempts implementation of GTA course element only update last modification


  • [OO-3074] – QTI 2.1: Excel import template should not show description
  • [OO-3075] – ADFS 2016 need the client secret to be configurable
  • [OO-3076] – Task: number of documents for revision are taken from assignment
  • [OO-3077] – Task: click in notifications should open all documents
  • [OO-3078] – Task: pulled tasks should show date of pulling
  • [OO-3079] – Recursive slowly import of calendar
  • [OO-3080] – Participants list in WebDAV for participant folder can be duplicate
  • [OO-3081] – RS: concurrent delete question and next/previous in question pool
  • [OO-3082] – QTI 2.1: a test bound in a course element become unreadable
  • [OO-3083] – QTI 2.1: start an unreadable test bound in a course element
  • [OO-3084] – RS: send email after direct deletion of a user
  • [OO-3085] – RS: cannot create a directory

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.1.2


  • [OO-3043] – QTI 2.1: rounding error in Numerical Input
  • [OO-3044] – RS select the tab "Booking" of a user in user management
  • [OO-3045] – RS opening a course imported from an external system
  • [OO-3048] – If the user tools are in default configuration, enable the lectures module will disable all the user tools
  • [OO-3049] – Cannot delete a business group associate with a lecture
  • [OO-3052] – Facebook login doesn't work anymore, update to API 2.10
  • [OO-3053] – RS delete form messages with MySQL
  • [OO-3056] – Upate mediaelement.js to version 4.2.6 because of issue with iOS 10/11
  • [OO-3057] – Issue with the remove routine of users in LDAP Group synchronisation


  • [OO-3050] – Don't write the HTML message in log file if an OAuth user cannot log in
  • [OO-3051] – NPE in LDAP synchronisation if the user cannot be created
  • [OO-3054] – Prevent using image caption in QTI1.2 to not cause problems when migrating to QTI 2.1

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.1.1


  • [OO-3032] – MathJax issues with local deployment
  • [OO-3033] – Emoji, Blog and MySQL throw errors
  • [OO-3034] – RS description field too long in feed
  • [OO-3035] – Course participants who are also system admin can not use task course element
  • [OO-3037] – RS if too many assignments have be moved / error in numbering of the assignments list
  • [OO-3038] – Indicate a non-readable QTI 2.1 test with a message and not a red screen
  • [OO-3039] – Invisible RS: rare timing issue with the auto save feature of QTI 2.1
  • [OO-3040] – RS deleting a section where page list has an error in its list numbering
  • [OO-3041] – Don't change last modification date of course element entry during 12.0 upgrade


  • [OO-3017] – Enrollment: "Number of groups" can be any integer

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.1

New Feature

  • [OO-2328] – Portfolio 2.0: Export of the whole portfolio
  • [OO-2893] – Course auto-booking module with shibboleth course mapping
  • [OO-2916] – Course element „edubase“ eBook reader integration
  • [OO-2917] – Course element „edubook“ eBook store
  • [OO-2921] – Portfolio 2.0: section date is not only indicative
  • [OO-2955] – Roll call: add supervisor notification date for REST applications
  • [OO-2974] – Optimizing Wiki compatibility
  • [OO-2991] – QTI 2.1: add min/max to answers


  • [OO-2969] – Optimizing ONYX compatibility


  • [OO-2789] – Integrate iframe-resizer our iframe controller and replace custom resize code
  • [OO-2838] – Download files in the folder component instead of opening them and “overwriting“ the OpenOLAT-tab
  • [OO-2863] – Placeholder instead of pre-written text
  • [OO-2920] – Improve print CSS styles for e-portfolio entries
  • [OO-2956] – QTI 2.1: show logfile in assessment tool
  • [OO-2961] – Shibboleth: Multiple values for author role granting
  • [OO-2984] – REST: set the owner of a course when importing a course from a course archive

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.0.1


  • [OO-2951] – Title or URL too long for blog
  • [OO-2952] – Out of memory serialise the LTI mapper
  • [OO-2953] – console.log in movie player javascript

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 12.0


  • [OO-2124] – resizing video player when video is embedded in single page
  • [OO-2395] – Renaming of a Course is not visible immediately
  • [OO-2829] – In group members tool the coaches and participant list is deduplicated
  • [OO-2834] – Quota in a human readable format
  • [OO-2836] – Update to selenium 3
  • [OO-2837] – Lazy load panels in user administration and group administration
  • [OO-2854] – Podcast: Video do not play
  • [OO-2856] – Link in portfolio edit pupup protrudes over the border
  • [OO-2879] – order of enrollment and topic assignment
  • [OO-2895] – Clicking the file delete action triggers upload dialog when dialog has error
  • [OO-2922] – ePortfolio: entries in status draft are not visible for coaches
  • [OO-2931] – QTI 2.1: images and videos cannot be added to section
  • [OO-2934] – Last item in TextBoxList can not be removed (tags) and beautify disabled mode
  • [OO-2938] – Large/small setting of EP page images not working
  • [OO-2939] – Large black border around videos in LearnTube, course element video

New Feature

  • [OO-2488] – New form item that supports multiple formatting styles
  • [OO-2636] – Lecture Module in course to support face-to-face lecture events
  • [OO-2637] – Lecture Module: Roll Call workflow to mark attended and absent students in lectures
  • [OO-2638] – Lecture Module: Mobile optimized Roll Call Wizard
  • [OO-2844] – Full-text search enabled for guests
  • [OO-2849] – Blog: get notifications for external blogs as well
  • [OO-2864] – Add JS method to BFormatter to align table columns
  • [OO-2877] – Disable QTI 1.2
  • [OO-2878] – Improve course element notifications
  • [OO-2880] – Authoring: column for used/not-used learning resources
  • [OO-2891] – Shibboleth: make user properties mapping generically configurable
  • [OO-2892] – Shibboleth: apply author role based on shib-attribute on login
  • [OO-2899] – Allow Login via WebDAV using the users Email
  • [OO-2906] – Task course element: show date of submission
  • [OO-2907] – Task course element: set individual date for every process step
  • [OO-2908] – Task course element: limit number of documents in revision phase
  • [OO-2909] – Task course element: overtake file name
  • [OO-2912] – Task course element: Notification after finishing the step
  • [OO-2914] – Task course element: download all documents in correction view
  • [OO-2915] – Task course element: reset task
  • [OO-2919] – Task course element: sample solution visible for everybody
  • [OO-2945] – Add formatted style to more places


  • [OO-2853] – Update libraries
  • [OO-2903] – Update configuration of Infinispan Cache
  • [OO-2924] – Remove implementations of course log export but once
  • [OO-2925] – Remove the IFormFragment framework
  • [OO-2941] – Upgrade Spring framework


    • [OO-2505] – Override editor course title on import only when repository entry title was changed
    • [OO-2707] – Option „Show question title“ switches visibility of title only in „content“ erea not in menu
    • [OO-2716] – Portfolio 2.0: allow editing of categories for assignments as well
    • [OO-2723] – enhanced blog and podcast reliability
    • [OO-2763] – Sort admin log file view by date
    • [OO-2786] – Improve information in publish wizard
    • [OO-2802] – Add subject for course reminder email
    • [OO-2803] – Video: revision of chapter feature
    • [OO-2825] – Aviod automatic completion of some password fields
    • [OO-2827] – Add an icon to the blog menu entry „Quota“
    • [OO-2828] – Video in blog post
    • [OO-2830] – Make user properties displayed in group members tool and course members element configurable
    • [OO-2850] – Video: improve adding chapters
    • [OO-2861] – Blog navigation
    • [OO-2868] – Layout of links, e.g. file in folder
    • [OO-2871] – QTI 2.1 Hotspot: Resizing images
    • [OO-2872] – QTI 2.1 gap text: add more alternatives
    • [OO-2875] – Beautify calendar details view
    • [OO-2884] – Blog: description should be hidden when empty
    • [OO-2885] – Improve usability when user has unsaved form data, new dialog
    • [OO-2886] – Show video duration without preloading
    • [OO-2887] – Show my rating in one color, not just one star
    • [OO-2888] – Assessment tool: show pull button always
    • [OO-2890] – Improve search „my courses“ to fuzzy-find by ext-refs
    • [OO-2896] – Add visual hint about character count when characters are limited
    • [OO-2897] – Assessment: last modified date of participant
    • [OO-2898] – Blog/Podcast metadata should be used from resource
    • [OO-2905] – QTI 2.1 show questions in test statistic
    • [OO-2911] – Task course element: improve notification texts
    • [OO-2923] – Portfolio 2.0: portfolio assessment in assessment tool
    • [OO-2928] – QTI 2.1: assessment tool allows to chose question item with dropdown
    • [OO-2929] – administration: lectures and QTI 2.1 for frentix only
    • [OO-2930] – Blog: notifications also for comments
    • [OO-2932] – QTI 2.1: Hide section description
    • [OO-2933] – Add option to delete contact form email attachments before sending
    • [OO-2936] – Refactor UserManager.findIdentityKeyWithProperty to findIdentitiesWithProperty
    • [OO-2937] – Allow authors to lookup users via REST API
    • [OO-2940] – Allow formatting for dates for any language in certificates, not only user language
    • [OO-2946] – REST: Respond an error if the incoming JSON can not be parsed
    • [OO-2947] – Shibboleth: Let the user set the first name and last name if not delivered
    • [OO-2949] – Calendar: enabling resize of events in weekly view

Die Software kann als Open Source frei heruntergeladen werden.

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