New Features 11.5


With OpenOLAT 11.5 we release out latest major release. Again we worked on the test infrastructure intensively to improve the layout of the result reporting. In cooperation with card2brain the homonymous course element has been implemented. It allows the easy usage of flashcards. Further the course publication has been adapted, sending emails to several courses implemented and the video player updated.

Overall more than 45 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 11.4 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 11.5 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 60 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes to 11.4 – 11.4.4 can be found here.

You can download the Open Source software for free.



Test infrastructure

For this major release we worked again on the test infrastructure intensively. Not only features, but also the layout hast been designed more user friendly.

Layout detailed result

The layout of the detailed result has been revised completely for this release.
Therefore graphical elements have been added to the result report. Now it is immediately visible how many per cent of the score a test participant has reached and how successful a section has been finished.

Comment field for every question type

Until now comments could have been added the question types essay, file upload and drawing in the assessment tool. This is still possible in the correction mode. Newly the comment feature is not limited to the just mentioned question types. A comment can be added to every question type. The test participant can see this comments later on in the result reporting. It can be reproduced which comment belongs to which question type.

Feedback turned on/off in general

To every question a feedback can be added. This can be a hint or a feedback to correct or wrong answered questions. Showing these feedbacks makes especially sense if it is a formative, exercise test. If later on the same test should be used as a sharp test the feedbacks should not be shown anymore. Therefore the feedback can be turned off for the whole test in the options and will not be shown in the test anymore.

Correct solution

A further feedback option is the correct solution. This feedback is shown if the question is answered wrong. After the test this feedback has not yet been available to the test participants. With this release the correct solution is displayed in the result report as well. Therefore in the options, in Overview results the option solution need to be selected.

Neuer Fragetyp: Drag&Drop

Also in this release a new question type has been implemented. Based on the question type Matrix the question type Drag&Drop has been implemented. In this question type test participants drag given items into defined drop categories. It is easily possible with drag and drop.


Assessment document

In the assessment tool it is possible to add a coach comment to the score and passed information for each assessable course element. In many cases, the assessment is done using specific assessment templates where the user is assessed using a rubrik and mostly text feedback. With 11.5 the assessment form allows uploading of such assessment documents as part of the assessment process. As the assessment visibility can be configured using the visibility flag, those assessment documents can be uploaded for each student individually in invisible mode and then changed to visible for all students at once (e.g when returning corrected tasks).

Test infrastructure in a nut shell

  • User friendly layout of the detailed results
  • Comment field for every question type
  • Turn on/off feedback in general
  • Show correct solution in detailed results
  • New question type: Drag&Drop
  • Assessment document as part of the assessment infrastructure



With card2brain an user friendly flashcard-system has been implemented in OpenOLAT. Therefore teachers create a set with the corresponding flashcards on the card2brain webpage directly. In OpenOLAT the course element card2brain is added to the desired course. After the course element needs to be connected with the created set. After publishing the course, the flashcard-system can be used by the learners.
Like classic card boxes also the one from card2brain possesses 5 boxes. As soon as a question is answered correctly it is moved to the next box automatically. The flashcards can be repeated again and again. And the cards can be learnt both ways.
If you are interested contact frentix ( if you are already a frentix customer. Otherwise further information can be found at card2brain directly.

card2brain in a nutshell

  • Integrated flashcard-system
  • Simple creation of questions
  • Intuitive learning
  • Two-sided flashcards

Email to several courses at once

E-mails could be sent to course members from within the course user management. However, when an admin or course author of several courses wants to inform the participants of all courses, the process was cumbersome as there is no mail functionality in the authoring environment. With 11.5 this missing functionality has been added as a „bulk action“ to the authoring table. Just select the target courses in the list and press the email button below the list.

Additional notes

  • Adaptation of the course publication
  • Excel-file and test receipt added to the result export
  • Hide change log on the test startpage

Technical details

  • Update mediaelementjs video player to 4.1.x
  • Info: Microsoft Support finishes for IE 8, 9, 10 –> OpenOLAT support until end of the year, in 2018 only IE 11 and newer

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.5.3


  • [OO-2859] – Allow more special characters in gap text / fill-in-blanck
  • [OO-2860] – No playback of .flv videos
  • [OO-2862] – Forum: clicking on authors name opens a new Olat main window
  • [OO-2865] – Answer Summay multiple choice
  • [OO-2866] – RS if resuming a test which is ended in XML but not in the database
  • [OO-2869] – Multiple Choice / Save changes
  • [OO-2874] – Calendar week and day view don't show popup window
  • [OO-2881] – Converting test shows review
  • [OO-2882] – RS wrong CSV data for 2.1 questions in question pool import
  • [OO-2883] – QTI 2.1: gap text coordinates and brackets
  • [OO-2889] – RS illegal URL in card2brain configuration
  • [OO-2894] – NPE in reminder of task if the task list was never created
  • [OO-2901] – The button to bulk pull test for QTI 1.2 is not visible
  • [OO-2902] – Duplicate chat extensions
  • [OO-2918] – RS signature of a test run as a test resource


  • [OO-2709] – Date in booking method missleading somehow
  • [OO-2867] – Copy of learning resource test including options
  • [OO-2913] – Login interceptor to sync a user with its LDAP groups

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.5.2


  • [OO-2857] – RS file upload controller
  • [OO-2858] – FIB / Gap text escape < > characters

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.5.1


  • [OO-2814] – Resize option for picture in file upload disappear
  • [OO-2815] – Authoring: All entries should be listed after the removal of the filter
  • [OO-2816] – Notifications of "soft" deleted blog/podcast/wiki appears in subscriptions
  • [OO-2818] – Forum post appears mulltiple times in the "Contributions by" list after edit
  • [OO-2819] – Participant folder notification shows username instead of user display name
  • [OO-2820] – RS in results report if the sections are hidden
  • [OO-2821] – Upgrader error by video metadata migration
  • [OO-2823] – Tweak MathJaX configuration
  • [OO-2831] – NPE in notifications
  • [OO-2832] – NPE selecting a course in "My courses"
  • [OO-2833] – VideoManagerImpl has masterContainer null check does not work
  • [OO-2839] – Cannot remove course from catalog in the publish process
  • [OO-2840] – Cannot delete a deleted question in pool
  • [OO-2841] – MP4 disappears after saving in gap text qti2.1
  • [OO-2842] – No LateX formatting if qti2 result export
  • [OO-2843] – Cannot configure "All coaches" in Email course element
  • Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.5


    • [OO-2676] – Simplify HTML of calendar and course informations forms
    • [OO-2686] – RS if an assessment item has no interaction
    • [OO-2697] – Enhance the FIB and numerical input editor
    • [OO-2760] – Question item placeholder text is displayed in results view, looks like user input
    • [OO-2765] – Copy / paste issues with hottext / fib editor
    • [OO-2769] – QTI 2.1 Hottext editor: allow html code in hotttext
    • [OO-2783] – Can’t see Smileys in Chrome and in Tests
    • [OO-2785] – Search does not work when genericCheckboxProperty is enabled
    • [OO-2787] – Portfolio 2.0: save assignment only with title
    • [OO-2788] – Portfolio 2.0: warning is not necessary
    • [OO-2795] – Initial course launch column in assessment tool is misleading
    • [OO-2796] – The error messages by email need to show more informations
    • [OO-2798] – Video: clicks in video settings lead to authoring
    • [OO-2799] – Webdav: the custom quota of course element folders are ignored
    • [OO-2804] – Encoding of potfolio breadcrumb is wrong
    • [OO-2811] – „Go to Top“ overlays the view of a web documemt


    • [OO-2619] – Beautify change-password mails
    • [OO-2620] – Add signed test receipt to test results download
    • [OO-2624] – Improve notification mail, add info about how to manage notifications
    • [OO-2695] – QTI 2.1: add help button to hottext
    • [OO-2698] – Harmonize tag visualization in eportfolio
    • [OO-2705] – Jump to course node after a click on the video poster in the peek view
    • [OO-2706] – Use the correct toolbar in LTI course node preview
    • [OO-2718] – Upgrade libraries
    • [OO-2739] – Incremental update of course statistics for PostgreSQL
    • [OO-2741] – Improve testing with a mocking framework (Mockito)
    • [OO-2742] – Update mediaelementjs video player to 4.1.x
    • [OO-2744] – QTI 2.1: Hint is not shown in result reporting
    • [OO-2753] – Improve usability of catalog management in course
    • [OO-2754] – Match access configuration of course publish wizard to new style
    • [OO-2762] – Match access configuration of new course wizard to new style
    • [OO-2776] – QTI 2.1: test configuration
    • [OO-2777] – QTI 2.1: add warning for replacing test
    • [OO-2779] – QTI 2.1: visibility key must be changed
    • [OO-2780] – Wording QTI 2.1: adapt some Wording issues
    • [OO-2781] – Improve awareness of review status for end user
    • [OO-2782] – QTI 2.1: better information in correction mode
    • [OO-2784] – QTI 2: improve layout of results reporting / detailed results
    • [OO-2793] – LTI course node with skip start page option
    • [OO-2794] – Infobutton for drag&drop question
    • [OO-2797] – card2brain: change language for student
    • [OO-2806] – QTI 2.1: comment for question if manual correction always
    • [OO-2813] – Change default to show test results automatically when enabled in course element

    New Feature

    • [OO-1620] – Blog: Add subscription function to blog
    • [OO-2674] – send email to courses
    • [OO-2675] – Assessment tool: comment field is added to every question
    • [OO-2687] – Various layout improvements in QTI rendering
    • [OO-2699] – New course element „card2brain2“
    • [OO-2727] – New SharedFolderWebService
    • [OO-2732] – QTI 2.1: add editor for Drag&Drop question type
    • [OO-2745] – QTI 2.1: correct solution is shown in the result reporting
    • [OO-2746] – QTI 2.1: feedback can be turned on/off for whole test
    • [OO-2747] – QTI 2.1: excel is added to result reporting
    • [OO-2756] – QTI 2.1: new features to result reporting
    • [OO-2790] – Document based feedback integrated in assessment data model


    • [OO-2696] – user management: add info button to user management


Die Software kann als Open Source frei heruntergeladen werden.

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