New Features 10.4

OpenOLAT 10.4 is our most recent major release. This release is all about the calendar and the forum. The calendar is optimized for integration with other calendar tools, and in general, is now more user-friendly. The latest changes to the forum now allow for both guest and anonymous posts, accompanied by a long due overhaul of features.

In addition to that, we’ve been working on optimizing existing OpenOLAT features, with a focus on the course and its course elements, especially the (group) task course element.

We’ve also been furiously working on the OpenOLAT help system: The context help is now completely transferred to Confluence – the OpenOLAT user manual – and has been updated on the way. More help features have been added at appropriate spots.

Since release 10.3, more than 55 new features and improvements were added to OpenOLAT, and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 10.4 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 150 bugs were fixed. The complete list of changes to 10.3.1 – 10.3.8 can be found here.

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The OpenOLAT calendar has been revamped and now comes with a fresh and clean look. Besides the obvious adjustments to the GUI, the calendar funtion also got streamlined under the hood.

One recent change is the automatic subscription of course calendars and their integration into the personal calendar, in the same way a group calendar is integrated. In the equally new calendar list, unwanted calendars can now easily be removed from the calendar view and added back via the checkbox „Visible“. Overall, the calendar list allows a simpler managing of the individual calendars: the calendar type is identified by an icon, the color can be adjusted easily, and it is discernible at a glance which calendar is displayed and which one is integrated in the aggregated calendar feed. Furthermore, you can also import calendars from either file or URL.

The aggregated virtual Calendar feed includes by default all of the subscribed calendars of a user, and new calendars, e.g. added through a new group membership, are automatically included in the aggregated feed. Using the checkbox „Aggregated“, you determine which calendar should be included in the feed. The feed can be found in the calendar view by clicking on the RSS icon rss. If a course calendar containing links to course elements is exported to an external calendar application, these links are now displayed correctly and will be clickable when the calendar tool supports this.

Finally, a „Description“ field has been added to the event details, and the „Location“ field is reduced to one line.

In a nutshell

  • automatic subscription of course calendars and integration into personal calendar
  • calender list now accessible in its own modal window, allowing for a cleaned up calendar GUI
  • de-/activate all calendars for visible integration in personal calendar
  • customizable personal aggregated calendar feed
  • import of calendars via iCal or file
  • export of either aggregated calender feed or single calendars into other calendar applications via iCal
  • new calender event form field: Description


Just like the calendar, the Forum has been completely overhauled with this release. In addition to many smaller bugfixes, three major changes were introduced: the use of an alias, the right for guests to write posts and open topics, and the export as MS Word file.

In the course editor, the forum course element now comes with the new „Settings“ tab. This enables course authors to allow course participants the use of an alias for anonymous posting as well as to give guests the right to post in the forum. 

The use of pseudonyms can be disabled system-wide in the administration tab. Administrators can also specify whether anonymous posts are by default activated or deactivated. 

If anonymous posting is activated, users can decide individually for each post whether it should be created under their real name or under an alias of their choice. Once an alias is created, it remains in the post dialogue, but may at any time be changed or disabled.

As before, forum topics can be archived either as single topics or in the forum as a whole, and downloaded as .zip file. Attached files are included in a separate folder, and the forum or topic itself is made available in MS Word format.

In a nutshell

  • Create anonymous topics and posts with an alias
  • change the alias at any time
  • switch use of alias on or off at will, even in the same topic
  • guests are allowed to post
  • export of forum content in MS Word format

Course – new range of functions


The task course element (group as well as individual) has received some improvements since its introduction with Release 10.3. Especially the process of creating and handling tasks was further expanded. The main changes are listed below, but we also fixed a range of bugs. 

Multipart tasks can easily be uploaded either as a ZIP file, or they can be created as an HTML page directly in OpenOLAT. Pictures or e.g. PDF files can be uploaded within the WYSIWYG editor and then be either linked or embedded in the page. Such created tasks are available in the course runtime for download in .zip format. Additionally, it is now possible to change a task description at a later point in time, or delete whole tasks if necessary.

Another workflow rule for relative dates was added: [x] days after Task assignment. Define a relative date depending on the date of the task assignment, which grants every user the same amount of time for working on the assignment.


We added a legend for the „Step“ column to the coach view, thus enhancing usability especially for authors  unfamiliar with the task course element. In addition to that, confirmation dialogs for coaches in the „Return and Feedback“ and „Revision phase“ steps were added. They’re assisting coaches in ensuring that both the feedback and the revision request steps will only be closed once all necessary files  have been uploaded by the coach. An additional notification is shown in the confirmation of the revision request, if no file has been uploaded by the coach.

Handling of task assignments in the assessment tool was also improved: if a student has not submitted the task correctly, i.e. clicked the button „Final task submission“, all uploaded documents will still be counted as submitted once the next step is automatically initiated, e.g. by a reached deadline.


Participant list – Configuration

The participant list shows all members of a course, and contains participants, coaches and course administrators. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to display only members with a particular role. For this reason, the list of participants was made configurable, in order for course authors to be able to determine which members should be displayed in the course. Since course administrators often are unrelated to the course or the other course members, displaying course administrators is disabled by default.

Up until now, the e-mail buttons in the participant list were only visible if the user is either course administrator or coach. Depending on the scenario though, it could also be useful to let participants contact each other. A new option was therefore introduced, enabling course authors to unlock the e-mail function for all users. We’ve also decluttered the elements course UI. Send all bulk mails from one dialog now, and reach all required users – even with external addresses – with one e-mail. The mail link for individual user is only displayed when hovering over it with the mouse.

In addition to that, the online instant messaging status of users is now displayed in the participant list. This should encourage users to collaborate with other course participants. A click on the status icon opens the chat window.


Folder – configuration

folder_config_ENRelease 10.4 also introduces the new and shiny folder course element. The folder enables authors to offer files for download, such as course materials and scripts. With appropriate access rights, users can also exchange files via the folder node. Up until now, however, course authors had not much leeway when configuring a folder: the storage path always lead to an automatically created subfolder in the storage folder, under _courseelementdata. In order to re-use files, authors had to copy them laboriously by hand. The tab „Folder configuration“ now allows you to define the specific target and file path for this folder course element within the course storage folder.

There are four options available:

  • choose a previously integrated resource folder
  • choose a folder already available in the storage folder of your course 
  • create a new folder specifically for this course element, directly on the top level of the storage folder. Name as desired 
  • choose the automatically created folder in _courselementdata

The first option enables you to share files and data easily across several courses with course participant. The second and third option primarily support the re-use of files within a course.


Pull tests

Up until now, coaches were able to pull tests that had not been handed in (Click on „Finish test) in the assessment tool, but only individually. Each test therefore had to be pulled separately. From now on, it is possible to pull all unfinished tests of one node at the same time. If there is one unfinished test, the assessment tool will now display the bulk action button „Pull tests“ underneath the user table in the „Test“ course structure view.



The booking method „Freely available is your selection of choice if you want users to directly enroll in a course and not with a group membership. All users can book and use this learning resource. This booking method adds a user as participant to a course, but not to a group. The „Freely availablebooking method works similar to the enrolment course element the resource can be booked by all system users, while course administrators and coaches still maintain control over who uses the course. If the additional function Auto-booking“ is activated, users are automatically redirected to the course view without having to explicitly book the learning resource through the booking dialogue. This should increase usability significantly.

Minor changes

  • New course description field: Location. Is displayed on the info page and in the my courses view, and can be added as a column to the course table view
  • New course reminder rule: end date of execution period
  • The previous entry under „Title“ (Course element of the type [xyz]) in the „Title and description“ tab of a course element in the course editor was removed. An entry here is optional from now on
  • The course certificate now supports long date formats, resulting in dates looking e.g. like this: January 16, 2007
  • Reference entries under „Information on usage“ on the info page are now clickable


User import

When importing users via the user import in OpenOLAT, the user manager always decided with a single checkbox how OpenOLAT should handle already existing users listed in the user import. Until now, existing profile data were overwritten by default with the data from the Excel file, but passwords were not updated.

This could quickly lead to overwritten – and thus false or outdated – profile data.

We have changed that with this release. Not only did we add a highlight to important passages, we also replaced the checkboxes with a drop-down menu. User administrators are now forced to make a conscious and therefore safer decision on how to proced with existing user data.


Leave course

The course access configuration includes an option to define if users can actively leave the course or not, with a default configuration of „Anytime“. However, the default value for this configuration was hardcoded, which ist not very practical. In order to make the default value configurable, we transferred this configuration to the administration UI. From now on, the default value can be set according to overall requirements.

Additional notes

  • The context help was transferred from OpenOLAT into the user manual in confluence
  • In order to prevent confusion and mix-ups with the help function, a new system wide standard avatar was introduced
  • No more limited number of „open tabs“, as this restriction is no longer necessary with the responsive layout
  • The group administration now also offers the „Select all“ checkbox
  • When sending an e-mail in the group administration tab to multiple groups, the selected groups are now listed in the mail form in order to improve usability
  • When cycling through users in the coaching tool, the already selected tool will be remembered when changing users, and not revert back to the default tool
  • New topics or entries in the discussion forum of the wiki course element are also registered in the subscription tool
  • The member lists in courses or groups are now available for download in MS Excel file format
  • The user administration now has the additional list of course and group coaches in the „Access and Rights“ menu

Technical / Framework

  • Update Browser URL via Pushstate API: Whenever possible, write the current REST URL (always available via the link function in the footer) into the browser address line. This finally enables to copy & paste the URL from the browser
  • White list for Shibboleth access implemented, as well as SSO integration
  • Optimizations for WebDAV
  • mediaelement.js updated to 2.18.2
  • HTML Editor TinyMCE updated to 4.2.4, and optimized for OpenOLAT
  • Updated several libraries: Hibernate to 4.3.10, MySQL driver and Spring framework to the latest version, Apache POI to 3.12
  • Various performance optimizations

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.11


  • [OO-1975] – repetitiv search at advanced search with same condition leads to different results
  • [OO-1993] – Sending of course reminders fails if e.g test course node is deleted
  • [OO-1995] – Copy a resource with Umlaut and the title of the copied resource is HTML escaped
  • [OO-2005] – Send email to new user after bulk import
  • [OO-2006] – Fix setupDatabase for MySQL 5.7
  • [OO-2008] – RS in bulk assessment if the user cannot select the column with user name
  • [OO-2009] – RS if the invalid number is entered in group task assessment panel


  • [OO-1935] – Avoiding problems with SMTP
  • [OO-1996] – Catalog: Sorting entries should have applied secondary sorting


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.10


  • [OO-1943] – Skypename in visiting card is hardcoded to debug value
  • [OO-1945] – Mix course environment of coach and assessed user in check list course element
  • [OO-1946] – Efficiency statement are not updated after course publish
  • [OO-1947] – RS load participating course
  • [OO-1950] – RS segment view and IE 9
  • [OO-1951] – + and – icons within chat text rendered as up and down icon
  • [OO-1954] – Dialog: table sorting does not work correctly
  • [OO-1955] – Sorting by role in course table in user management doesn’t work
  • [OO-1957] – Images included in Textfields at courseinfo-page wont be copied at course copying process
  • [OO-1958] – Problems wiht the option „Recurring modifications/settings when logging in the first time“ and the selection of a personal landing page
  • [OO-1960] – No Score Display at gap-text items if test is linked, started, completed by at least one user
  • [OO-1962] – Admin landing pages: automatically entered address for landing page not correct for all selections – need update
  • [OO-1963] – Icon of ordered list is not displayed in Wiki editor
  • [OO-1969] – Not all international phone number formats allowed
  • [OO-1971] – Calendar: opening a course link freezes calendar tool
  • [OO-1973] – Bug in link list
  • [OO-1974] – Return key doesn’t work to start search within „personal tools“ in some constelation
  • [OO-1978] – RS in QTI editor if some course element reference doesn’t exists
  • [OO-1979] – RS if the HTML page selected in single page course element is a directory
  • [OO-1980] – RS if trying to select a missing member in course member management
  • [OO-1981] – RS if copy a batch of courses with very long titles
  • [OO-1982] – RS if the name of a group too long
  • [OO-1984] – RS changent the email of a user without email
  • [OO-1985] – RS if a forum course element has several links (properties) to its forum
  • [OO-1986] – QR-Code Generation wrong
  • [OO-1988] – Shared folder exposed to learners via WebDAV
  • [OO-1989] – RS not found course element in course
  • [OO-1990] – White page if log in with a rest url of a folder with : in its name


  • [OO-1925] – Missinterpretation of „Close/Beenden“ in Course-Configuration.
  • [OO-1952] – Add link to course and course name to members mail form
  • [OO-1953] – RS when automatically assign tasks
  • [OO-2023] – Follow Up: Missinterpretation of „Close/Beenden“ in Course-Configuration.


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.9


  • [OO-1922] – eMail-confirmation when creating an course with the wizard is not up to date
  • [OO-1923] – Deleting a course: active users are indicated, even if this is impossible.
  • [OO-1932] – RS in coaching tool with PostgreSQL
  • [OO-1934] – Improve compatibility of iCal Feeds with Outlook
  • [OO-1936] – RS when copying course with „broken“ topic assignment
  • [OO-1937] – RS opening the course calendar
  • [OO-1939] – RS concurrent delete / close course
  • [OO-1940] – Controller disposed by booking a course
  • [OO-1942] – User can import its own aggregated calendar


  • [OO-1924] – Unpersonalized screen in member management/no name of member
  • [OO-1933] – Improved calendar print view
  • [OO-1938] – Use o-content-link-color SCSS in all user generated content


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.8


  • [OO-1854] – RS if save a post in a deleted thread
  • [OO-1911] – RS concurrent delete / bulk copy of learn resource
  • [OO-1912] – RS double opening of assessment form in group task
  • [OO-1914] – RS if SCORM resource is deleted but used in course editor
  • [OO-1915] – Link to internal URL’s in single pages open in iframe
  • [OO-1916] – Deduplicate the list of courses in the aggregated calendar
  • [OO-1917] – Imported questions in „My questions“ are not „on-the-fly“ indexed
  • [OO-1919] – Modification of group titels results in a status-message even if the new titel is updated automatically in the course editor
  • [OO-1921] – Coaches have no access to WebDAV courses folders
  • [OO-1927] – MembersManagement allows editing and removing of members when no members are selected
  • [OO-1928] – MembersManagement can’t be opened twice
  • [OO-1931] – Performance issue with coaching (users) and PostgreSQL


  • [OO-1913] – Skype username shows broken image placeholder
  • [OO-1926] – Add option to PDF certificate generation to calculate relative dates
  • [OO-1930] – Use reference instead of external ID for WebDAV optimization


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.7


  • [OO-1886] – CSS and usability improvements
  • [OO-1889] – Remove AssertException in all panel implementations
  • [OO-1890] – RS in QTI editor selection question from pool if the user has only shared groups
  • [OO-1892] – RS in coaching tool if the artifact picker button as nothing to grab
  • [OO-1893] – RS in table sort
  • [OO-1894] – RS in course if velocity container send an event without command
  • [OO-1896] – Assessment mode bypass with DOM inspector
  • [OO-1897] – Directory with ‚ make problems in folder component
  • [OO-1898] – The registration mail must be an HTML mail
  • [OO-1899] – Leak within user session after a course or resource tab is closed
  • [OO-1900] – RS wrong format for the tab index
  • [OO-1903] – Directory listing in static/ is forbidden
  • [OO-1904] – Error deleting user data in efficiency statement manager
  • [OO-1905] – Anonymous forum posts reveal identity in reply view
  • [OO-1906] – RS duplicate question type in Question Pool
  • [OO-1907] – Cannot delete a license in question pool
  • [OO-1908] – RS resize the chat window
  • [OO-1909] – Index old word format


  • [OO-1891] – Better sorting of roles in member management


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.6


  • [OO-1863] – Blog: writing rights (access) do not give the right to edit / delete own entries
  • [OO-1865] – RS when downloading Dialog
  • [OO-1866] – CSS and usability improvements
  • [OO-1868] – Dialog: table sorting does not work correctly
  • [OO-1869] – NPE in search controller
  • [OO-1870] – Wiki: cannot open files with mouse click
  • [OO-1871] – RS promote a project broker’s candidate to member
  • [OO-1872] – RS import question with comma for float
  • [OO-1874] – ePortfolio: Artifact picker in wiki has false placement, allowing all user to collect any article as artifact
  • [OO-1875] – Project broker: attachments to topics disappear after a already configured topic is edited again
  • [OO-1876] – Project broker: disabled for assessment tool, assessable child elements not visible
  • [OO-1877] – RS if edit description of course while someone delete it
  • [OO-1878] – Movie plugin throw errors
  • [OO-1880] – Topic assignment: RS when accepting a candidate
  • [OO-1881] – Assessment mode: elements configured „Assessment mode“ only are visible to everybody if course is in assessment mode for somebody
  • [OO-1882] – Assessment mode: if no elements were selected for restriction, error is displayed for date field
  • [OO-1883] – Assessment mode: Element restriction – boxes get unchecked when a structure element is open
  • [OO-1884] – RS when changing description of learning resources
  • [OO-1885] – RS if guest try to access a LTI course element


  • [OO-1879] – Use confluence help for context help also when using help course


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.5


  • [OO-1839] – Course title containting ‚ “ can not be opened
  • [OO-1857] – WebDAV: the _courseelementdata of older courses is not visible
  • [OO-1858] – RS if a guest is removed from a course
  • [OO-1859] – CSS and HTML layout enhancements
  • [OO-1860] – RS import unkown ressource
  • [OO-1861] – RS choosing a folder in folder course element
  • [OO-1862] – RS concurrent modification in blog
  • [OO-1864] – Forum: when creating a new topic, attachments to first post are not displayed (and stored)


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.4


  • [OO-1844] – Forum threads not sorted by last modified
  • [OO-1846] – Peekview of folders with pre 10.4 course config showing wrong content
  • [OO-1847] – Creation date of course membership are not shown in the member list
  • [OO-1848] – RS open details page in „My courses“ of a deleted course
  • [OO-1849] – Share link miss the domain part of the URL
  • [OO-1850] – Enrolment: learning areas can not be selected
  • [OO-1851] – RS in LTI configuration if scale is an empty string
  • [OO-1852] – RS concurrent edit / delete of a blog
  • [OO-1853] – RS adding question to a newly created list
  • [OO-1856] – Select all in old table + click on page number doesn’t saved the multi selection


  • [OO-1843] – Course cover images are slightly blurred in the course list

New Feature

  • [OO-1855] – WebDAV option to add course reference to course title for better identification


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.3


  • [OO-1830] – RS in notifications portlet
  • [OO-1831] – RS in direct link to a group
  • [OO-1832] – User management GUI freezes
  • [OO-1833] – Layout and usability improvements
  • [OO-1834] – RS produce by googlebot in login page
  • [OO-1835] – RS if the selected thread in forum doesn’t exists
  • [OO-1836] – Enable CP navigation if navigation in the course is disabled
  • [OO-1838] – Error in WebDAV when code protected
  • [OO-1840] – Forum display mode not persisted
  • [OO-1842] – Course db can only save 255 characters using the REST API


  • [OO-1837] – New OpenOLAT instance doesn’t need to upgrade the database
  • [OO-1841] – Better wording for new forum features, help


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.2


  • [OO-1826] – MySQL statistic templates loaded with PostgreSQL instances
  • [OO-1827] – Layout and usability improvements
  • [OO-1828] – Direct URL bypass assessment mode
  • [OO-1829] – Mail addresses with newer top level domains do not validate


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4.1


  • [OO-1824] – RS related to course folder
  • [OO-1825] – Cannot upgrade calendar settings from very old GUI preferences


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.4


  • [OO-1611] – Update libraries, POM optimization and Java 8
  • [OO-1615] – Prepare migration to Spring 4
  • [OO-1616] – Performance optimization
  • [OO-1655] – Use standard upload feature of Servlet 3.1 ( Tomcat 8.0 )
  • [OO-1664] – „Browser back“ with Internet Explorer doesn’t work across courses
  • [OO-1731] – Close and restart course: Display / process is no longer valid
  • [OO-1732] – Header of the test archive CSV file are shifted at links
  • [OO-1739] – Delete button included in file upload element
  • [OO-1741] – Reduce confusion with avatar images and help
  • [OO-1743] – Link to map in the e-Portfolio course element doesn’t work
  • [OO-1753] – Process-Missconcept or bug with/without activating „final task submission“ in Taskmodule
  • [OO-1756] – Link to group in group mail not a HTML link
  • [OO-1759] – „Automatic task assignment“ selected but „Preview“ visible
  • [OO-1760] – Improve user search hints
  • [OO-1763] – Wrong/outdated text at cours-assistent (step publishing) at least german/english
  • [OO-1764] – Task: submit confirmation mail doesn’t handle 0 files all too well
  • [OO-1768] – RS creating a new course
  • [OO-1775] – Description visible if element is not accessible
  • [OO-1781] – Export Forum in Word format
  • [OO-1795] – Group task submitted document, solution and tasks with images
  • [OO-1798] – Meta files are displayed in folder peek view
  • [OO-1800] – navbar.extend does not check for missing toolbar
  • [OO-1802] – Reminder by assessable course element = failed
  • [OO-1803] – RS concurrent delete in authoring environment
  • [OO-1804] – Error if GoogleBot try to send a feedback after an error
  • [OO-1805] – RS in editor for single/multiple choice questions
  • [OO-1808] – RS if a course element doesn’t return its view
  • [OO-1809] – RS by unsuccessful upload in course
  • [OO-1810] – RS in group task course element if a user want to edit a too big HTML file
  • [OO-1813] – Group task doesn’t mark its news for notification
  • [OO-1823] – Configuration to disable some course elements


  • [OO-1634] – Allow more than five open tabs
  • [OO-1646] – Store calendar event links in standard field for external clients
  • [OO-1647] – Automatic subscription of course calendars
  • [OO-1650] – Keep selected tool enabled when cycling through users in coaching tool
  • [OO-1658] – Merge context help to manual and add micro-context help on form items
  • [OO-1660] – Update TinyMCE HTML editor to version 4.2.4
  • [OO-1661] – Remove standard video plugin in TinyMCE HTLM editor, replace with OO video plugin
  • [OO-1662] – Task description cannot be changed
  • [OO-1666] – Integrate about page to be part of the release
  • [OO-1675] – Various wording improvements
  • [OO-1690] – Task: Add confirmation to revision and feedback coach buttons
  • [OO-1723] – Cleanup movie javascript code
  • [OO-1740] – Various layout and CSS improvements
  • [OO-1783] – Task: add warning to „Needs revision“ action if no file uploaded by coach
  • [OO-1785] – Task: change order of names columns in table
  • [OO-1799] – Referenced learning resources in assessable course elements are not copied when copying the element
  • [OO-1801] – Make selected groups in group email form visible
  • [OO-1811] – Make default value of course leaving option configurable
  • [OO-1816] – Make default notification interval configurable
  • [OO-1817] – Make task course element change log visible also to coach
  • [OO-1818] – Add legend to task coaching view to explain the current step
  • [OO-1819] – Rest-API: Creating a course with a specific initial author
  • [OO-1822] – Improved mail features in course memberlist element

New Feature

  • [OO-722] – Update browser URL via pushstate API if available
  • [OO-1595] – Make event description editable and and displayable
  • [OO-1635] – Refactor ajax background call and o2cl method to use XMLHttpRequest instead of iframe, fix IE11 double click issue
  • [OO-1644] – Extend calendar event datamodel with managed events
  • [OO-1645] – Dynamic virtual calendar feed which includes all my calendars
  • [OO-1683] – Make visible roles in memberlist course element configurable
  • [OO-1696] – UI for i18n developing tools
  • [OO-1712] – Allow course element folder to access directories from course folder
  • [OO-1769] – Write forum posts using a pseudonym
  • [OO-1770] – Allow forum posts for anonymous guest users
  • [OO-1806] – Add course location to course metadata
  • [OO-1812] – Make email buttons in course member list configurable
  • [OO-1814] – Predefined lists in user management for all coaches
  • [OO-1815] – Show online status and chat feature to course member list


  • [OO-1656] – EN Manual: Update to 10.4
  • [OO-1657] – DE Manual: Update to 10.4

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