New Features 10.3

OpenOLAT 10.3 is our most recent major release. This release is all about the group task and the course reminder feature. The group task replaces the old „Task“ individual task assignment course element and is complemented, as the name indicates, by a group task assignment course element. The course reminder allows authors to automatically send specifically drafted mail notifications to specified course users.

In addition to that, we’ve been working on optimizing existing OpenOLAT features, with a focus on the course and its course elements.

Since release 10.2, more than 25 new features and improvements were added to OpenOLAT, and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 10.3 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 85 bugs were fixed. The complete list of changes to 10.0.1 – 10.2.5 can be found here.

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Group task

Just like the Checklist, the course element Task is an excellent connecting factor for activities outside of OpenOLAT. Nevertheless, handling the course element has never been easy – flaws were especially rather easy to find in the user interface.  On top of that did the old task element not support task assignment to groups. Which is why the task element got a complete overhaul and was complemented with a group task element.

These two new task elements are especially convincing through their clear design. Where there used to be a cluttered sequence of sub-elements, the user now encounters a well-arranged interface. Visual elements and colours aid both the learner and the coach, illustrating the workflow step the learner is currently working on. Open or collapse each step to adapt content to the desired level of information depth. The coach additionally has a table overview of his coached students or groups, highlighting the active workflow step and thus facilitating navigation between students. Both task course elements can be subscribed to by both the coach as well as the learner.

If so desired, all steps of the workflow can be disabled and deadlines activated. Deadlines are configured either as fixed dates or relative depending on an elapsed time span after a certain user action, e.g. enrolment to the course.  The task itself is uploaded directly in the „Assignment“ tab, thus providing instant access to all created tasks.
The refurbished task elements now feature the submission configuration: It’s not only possible to restrict the number of documents to be submitted, but also to enable an embedded text editor for creating documents  directly in OpenOLAT. The upload of PDF files can also be enabled or disabled, as required.

Another new feature is the revision period. Once enabled in the editor, it allows the coach to request revisional work on the already submitted documents and caters for returning the request and the re-submission. All revision steps are visible and discernible as such in the course element.

The assessment for both groups and single users can be carried out directly in the course element, without the need to switch to the assessment tool. Groups may receive either a collective grade, or group members are graded individually, all comfortably from within the integrated assessment form.


In a nutshell

  • workflow view
  • visual elements
  • working with deadlines: use fix or relative dates
  • group and individual task assignments
  • overview of participants with current workflow status always visible
  • assess participants directly in the workflow
  • external and internal editor for hand-ins and revisions
  • limit number of submission documents
  • de-/activate all workflow steps
  • revision period

Course reminder

Did you too sometimes wish to be able to automatically send notifications to your course participants, reminding them e.g. of an open task? And that it would be awesome if the reminder could be sent automatically upon the matching of a set of given rules?

This release introduces the reminder function, available in the course settings and ready to use right from the start. Once the course reminders are activated in the system administration tab, reminders can be used in all courses.

Reminders can be set up at any time. Intervals and sending times are determined by the administrator in the administration tab. Intervals can range from once a day to once every hour. Regardless of that, course authors can trigger notifications at any given time.

All course reminders can be viewed in the „Reminders“ tab and are always editable. In addition to that, notification dispatch can be triggered via the „Tools“ icon. The „Logs“ tab provides you with a list of all reminders that have already been sent, including recipient name and send time. This view allows the author to resend reminders to single users.

You can work with a total of 14 different conditions to create finely grained rule sets. Among these are group membership, the amount of time passed since e.g. enrolment to a group, initial or recent course launch or task assignment, or course role or specific user properties. This allows you to configure a number of different reminders for different user groups of the same course.

The content of the reminder, i.e. the mail body can of course be adapted individually, depending on the ruleset and the authors‘ requirements.

In a nutshell

  • 14 conditions, can be combined as needed
  • adapt reminder text individually
  • trigger notifications at any given time
  • unlimited number of reminder configurations

Course – new range of functions

Topic assignment

This release introduces a couple of improvements to the „Topic assignment“ course element. One of the biggest changes for authors is most probably the changed behaviour when importing or copying a course with the project broker element, as the topics along with description and groups are now finally copied, too. In addition to that, users can now subscribe to the return box. Up until now, topic deselection used to be always available for users. This can now be configured, thus enabling authors preventing students from deselecting already selected topics.


Assessment mode – Access rule

With the implementation of the assessment mode with OpenOLAT 10.2 evolved the need to be able to create course elements for an assessment setting that were not visible during normal course use. This required either to excessively adapt the course before and after the assessment setting, or to implement elaborate access rules for the respective course elements.

In order to simplify this for course authors, a new visibility / access rule „Only in assessment mode“ has been added. Once this rule is applied to a course element, course participants can only see and/or access it while in an assessment. This enables authors to create assessment relevant course elements in advance without fearing to interrupt a smooth course running or compromise the assessment. The rule is available in easy mode as well as in expert mode.




Resource selector

The resource selector table for the course elements CP Blog, SCORM, Podcast, Portfolio task, Test & Questionnaire as well as Wiki received a long due overhaul, and is now so much more user friendly. Instead of opening the resource preview, clicking a resource title now automatically selects the specific resource for the course element and subsequently closes the modal window. Instead of the preview, which was completely removed, authors will now find information on the resource such as the courses it is already referenced in.

Enrolment to multiple groups

Up until now, authors had to create an enrolment element for each group they wanted to incorporate into the course, as participants could only enrol in one group per enrolment element. This significantly changes with this release: the author decides whether participants can enrol in multiple groups and if so, how many. This is transparent for the participant at all times. The participant knows at any given time in how many groups he is already enroled, and how many he can still enrol to.


Minor changes

  • Authors are now able to add a preview image for videos in the „Add/Edit video“ plugin for the TinyMCE HTML editor. This allows for better controlling the video display in the html page
  • It’s now easier to identify closed courses. In addition to the modified icon, they now have information on the closed status on the course overview as well as the course info page. The closed status is therefore evident in each course view
  • When deleting a course, authors are now able to delete all referenced learning resources, given they are not referenced in any other course. Furthermore, we expanded the delete dialog, in order to prevent someone accidentially deleting a resource



User management – Visiting card

We changed the behaviour of the user table in the user management. Instead of opening the visiting card when clicking on a a user name, the click will open the user settings, as expected. The visiting card is available via the icon in the respective column on the right side of the table, and opens in in a new window. The user id was added to the user overview in the settings. In addition to that, the visiting now has a closing button, as does the group.


Up until now, only resource owners were able to open a resource folder via WebDAV. This changes with this release: coaches and participants are now also allowed to access resource folders. Coaches have the right to read and write, participants can only read.


Change password with LDAP

Changing passwords locally on systems with LDAP connection is only possible for regular OpenOLAT users, not for LDAP users. The „Password“ tab in the user settings will therefore from now on only be displayed if users have the right to change the password.

Additional note

  • When importing questions directly into a question bank pool without transferring them from the „My questions“ database, authors can now determine whether the questions will be editable for other authors or not
  • Excel import of questions / test items into a test or the question bank now supports feedback for „All correct answers“ and „Wrong answer“
  • The administrator search in the Coaching tool now includes a filter to exclude blocked users from the search results
  • First steps were taken to integrate the context sensitive help through Confluence instead of calling it up from the code. The context sensitive help for the assessment mode and the brand new task course elements are already linked to Confluence
  • Collapsible panels, e.g. those on the info page or the test course element, now contain a visual element

Technical / Framework

  • TinyMCE was updated to 4.1.9
  • Added new indices to the course archive
  • Updates for several libraries: Spring, Arquillian and Selenium to their respective current version, JUnit to 4.12, ActiveMQ to 5.11, PDFBox to 1.8.8
  • Some general layout and CSS improvements of the user interfaces of the login form and several other places implemented
  • Added own subscription button for iOS to the podcast element

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.8


  • [OO-1742] – RS if an author upload a certificate template which is not a ZIP or a PDF
  • [OO-1744] – RS if concurrent update of the list of assessed identities
  • [OO-1745] – Pending member are not filtered with the quick search of member lists
  • [OO-1746] – Cannot delete group where members had a task in the group task course element
  • [OO-1747] – RS if a user try the registration process on a system where it is disabled
  • [OO-1749] – Hints in tests are not visible
  • [OO-1750] – Shuffle answers is not useful for FIB or Essay, hints is not for Essay
  • [OO-1751] – RS Course password doesn’t work in preview
  • [OO-1752] – The search in „Help“ on the login page return an error message
  • [OO-1754] – RS in mail list if user remove in table configuration all columns but „Read“
  • [OO-1757] – Files with „,“ in the name are not editable in Word via WebDAV
  • [OO-1758] – Replacing a solution does not delete the former file
  • [OO-1761] – Groups are duplicate during copy or import of a course with project broker elements.
  • [OO-1762] – Course element „Test“ in the Assessmentmode with a Follow up leads to missing main navigation
  • [OO-1767] – Error if search a deleted forum message
  • [OO-1772] – RS invalid login provider
  • [OO-1773] – RS NPE in QTI 1.2 statistics
  • [OO-1774] – RS deleting reservation
  • [OO-1776] – Task: Tasks don’t support embedded media and linked files on OpenOLAT – remove respective functions from Tiny
  • [OO-1777] – Test export to Word doesn’t like image with blank in file name
  • [OO-1778] – RS upgrade old task element if user was deleted but its task not cleaned up
  • [OO-1779] – Missing scrollbars in windowed LTI content
  • [OO-1780] – Mail: configured group in copied course is original group, not new, copied group
  • [OO-1786] – Task: subscriptions button in assessment tool not accessible
  • [OO-1787] – RS adding a structure element in a page of an portfolio
  • [OO-1788] – Auto publish of course don’t show all validation errors
  • [OO-1789] – RS if rest url to the catalog points to an inexistent catalog entry
  • [OO-1792] – At assessment tool and IE or Edge text field gets very big (with possibly related performance issues)
  • [OO-1794] – To quick countdown by test
  • [OO-1796] – RS in drag and drop tree of the e-Portfolio
  • [OO-1797] – In course, the group search for administrator is limited to the membership of the user


  • [OO-1784] – Scale image in Word (docx) export

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.7


  • [OO-1702] – Certificate several times emitted with recertification disabled
  • [OO-1703] – Various layout and css improvements
  • [OO-1704] – Files of deleted user are not deleted
  • [OO-1705] – Sort user properties in coaching view of group task doesn’t work
  • [OO-1707] – In access configuration of resources, the default must be „Registered users“
  • [OO-1708] – RS if cell content of exported table is longer than 32767 characters
  • [OO-1709] – Importing of very old course fails – class cast exception
  • [OO-1710] – RS if the file element cannot deliver a file for the catalog entry
  • [OO-1711] – Links to other areas in OpenOLAT do open in iframe, standby window appear
  • [OO-1713] – Teaser video is not displayed on info page
  • [OO-1714] – RS if a group task was only in draft
  • [OO-1715] – RS in change password workflow if 2 accounts with same e-mail
  • [OO-1716] – The button „Recalculate efficiency statement“ in assessment tool has no effect
  • [OO-1717] – Regex in search highlight run in an infinite loop
  • [OO-1718] – Stackoverflow in Regex expression
  • [OO-1719] – /url/CatalogEntry/23743287 not properly routed
  • [OO-1720] – RS sorting the artifact list
  • [OO-1722] – Audio player render error in podcast
  • [OO-1724] – Deleted checkboxes when using filters
  • [OO-1726] – Bug with $ sign
  • [OO-1727] – RS if assessment tool and publish process are mixed
  • [OO-1728] – RS if the test resource doesn’t exists in a course element of type test
  • [OO-1729] – RS in course element test if the selected test is not a QTI test that OpenOLAT can read
  • [OO-1730] – The member list of courses only shows mandatory attributes
  • [OO-1733] – RS delete a course with references
  • [OO-1735] – Fix performance of assignment courses to groups in the group list
  • [OO-1736] – RS in wizard if the number groups is empty in enrollment configuration
  • [OO-1737] – RS in assessment mode list


  • [OO-1706] – Allow archive of individual task
  • [OO-1721] – Update mediaelement to version 2.18.2 and responsive improvements
  • [OO-1738] – Don’t update user profile of existing users in user import by default
  • [OO-1793] – Default access configuration at some (all) places should be BAR rather than BARG

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.6


  • [OO-1691] – Option for start TLS in mail module
  • [OO-1694] – RS in Date Enrollment in a copied course
  • [OO-1697] – RS if admin try to create a user which email already 2 times used


  • [OO-1695] – Better date formatting for relative dates in task element
  • [OO-1698] – Beautify QTI change log
  • [OO-1699] – Hide context menu in video player to prevent simple video download

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.5


  • [OO-1663] – wrong table element selected after search over table
  • [OO-1665] – Questions imported via Excel in survey are shuffled
  • [OO-1667] – RS by activation of a tabbed pane
  • [OO-1668] – Cannot delete a course with LTI outcomes
  • [OO-1669] – RS sort by first or last name in coach view of group task
  • [OO-1670] – RS add a new entry in a blog
  • [OO-1671] – RS in FIB editor by up and edit of responses
  • [OO-1672] – RS closing course editor
  • [OO-1673] – RS if the directory to upload an attachment of a forum’s message cannot be created
  • [OO-1674] – RS in user import if there is already a duplicate email in the database
  • [OO-1678] – RS deleting a course with reservations
  • [OO-1679] – Calendar add DTEnd without value
  • [OO-1680] – Sync issue in checklist between the list of checkbox and the assessment editor of a specific person
  • [OO-1681] – RS if you archive a course twice in a second
  • [OO-1682] – RS unlink a group within a course
  • [OO-1684] – Orientation is missing in the certificate upload in course
  • [OO-1686] – Email is used instead of username in reminder mail template
  • [OO-1687] – Catalog is not delivered via Rest-Api
  • [OO-1688] – Prevent cut authors in course listing


  • [OO-1659] – Update mediaelementjs video player to version 2.18.1
  • [OO-1676] – Add support for orgUnit in Shibboleth and update user properties on each login
  • [OO-1685] – Support for long date formats in certificate
  • [OO-1693] – Beautify message at end of LTI module

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.4


  • [OO-1652] – Copy changes from Tomcat’s WebDAV back in OpenOLAT
  • [OO-1653] – RS in Recent changes of imported Wiki
  • [OO-1654] – Group task workflow editor cannot be saved if relatives dates are not selected


  • [OO-1651] – Add direct Shibboleth link to admin GUI for SSO integration in other websites

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.3


  • [OO-1598] – Statistics
  • [OO-1610] – Authors can add access control methods with the module disabled
  • [OO-1613] – RS if download archive of self test made by only a guest
  • [OO-1614] – Create course: … with wizard doesn’t work with previous empty title field
  • [OO-1617] – Possible to add several times the same group to the same course
  • [OO-1618] – Wiki: uploading a file before saving content deletes content withouth warning
  • [OO-1623] – RS if the test course element reference a test which doesn’t exist
  • [OO-1624] – First section of CP used in a course can not be folded
  • [OO-1625] – Multiple times the same type of rules in reminders aren’t rendered correctly
  • [OO-1626] – Conflict in group task between the group chooser and the warning for user already in process
  • [OO-1627] – SCORM archive are empty
  • [OO-1629] – Deleting of very large resource folders fails
  • [OO-1632] – Sometimes mails are sent as unformatted HTML mails
  • [OO-1633] – Course theme not loaded properly
  • [OO-1636] – SCORM with close on finished and full window mode doesn’t redraw the navigation bar on close
  • [OO-1638] – RS in member list of course -> send an email to a member
  • [OO-1639] – RS in member lis of group if someone clicks the „Date added“
  • [OO-1640] – Course are imported as CP by user if a imsmanifest.xml is found
  • [OO-1649] – Task: Archive tool doesn’t list the single tasks, only group tasks


  • [OO-1608] – Check file size limit in HTML editor
  • [OO-1609] – Add auto-booking to free booking method
  • [OO-1612] – Various layout and css improvements
  • [OO-1619] – Notification of wiki page must come with forum changes too
  • [OO-1630] – Task submission date relative to assignment date
  • [OO-1631] – Add „select all“ feature to group management table
  • [OO-1641] – Don’t add non-sense long title in editor and fix course element type icon
  • [OO-1642] – Various wording improvements
  • [OO-1648] – Resource info page: make references in information on usage clickable

New Feature

  • [OO-1588] – Restrict Shibboleth Login to user name or attribute whitelist

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.2


  • [OO-1597] – RS in single page if select link without selection
  • [OO-1599] – RS the step „Task assignment“ is enabled after some users start the tasks
  • [OO-1600] – Tasks and solutions files are not copied by course copy
  • [OO-1601] – RS duplicate reminder
  • [OO-1602] – Grouptask optimizations
  • [OO-1604] – RS automatic task assignment
  • [OO-1605] – Format the year of our date+time format with 4 digits
  • [OO-1607] – OpenMeetings 3.0.6 break the OpenOLAT integration


  • [OO-1603] – Reminder’s rule after course end date
  • [OO-1606] – Close ASAP the database connection of the QTIPreWarm

New Feature

  • [OO-1592] – Bulk pulling of unreleased tests

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3.1


  • [OO-1573] – GTA: group configuration in access is not saved
  • [OO-1574] – RS if a task is deleted but still use
  • [OO-1579] – Cannot remove dates in the workflow of group task
  • [OO-1580] – Task name need more place
  • [OO-1581] – Login background carousel not working on IE11, no gradient on IE9
  • [OO-1582] – Cannot delete a course with a date enrollment course element
  • [OO-1583] – Changing task configuration can lead to user lost between 2 steps
  • [OO-1584] – Close connection before copy in course copy
  • [OO-1585] – Fix missing jQuery UI tooltip for iframe
  • [OO-1586] – RS in the sort of group members
  • [OO-1589] – Download for the members table in group and course
  • [OO-1590] – RS in user search with autocompletion
  • [OO-1591] – Update to vitero 6.0


Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 10.3


  • [OO-1288] – First column in the checklist pdf overview is overflowing
  • [OO-1297] – Question Bank: opening preview of item de-selects items
  • [OO-1399] – Make topic leaving configurable in topic assignment course element
  • [OO-1443] – Upgrade libraries
  • [OO-1444] – Concurrent lock in WebDAV if the path is exactly the same
  • [OO-1446] – Optimize file delivery
  • [OO-1450] – RS serialazing a QTI document
  • [OO-1481] – RS when version meta file is corrupt
  • [OO-1482] – UI blocked when adding multiple catalog level managers
  • [OO-1483] – Reduce memory allocation per request and other optimizations
  • [OO-1484] – Allow the context help to be located on Confluence
  • [OO-1493] – Update TinyMCE
  • [OO-1499] – Import of resources / courses optimization
  • [OO-1507] – Tree menu: canceling leaving unsaved form doesn’t cancel
  • [OO-1511] – Assessment mode: modifying course or changing membership states result in RS
  • [OO-1522] – Limit the content size of indexed document
  • [OO-1523] – Username and password settings are not passed up-to OpenOLAT in Selenium tests
  • [OO-1524] – RS in archive course log if the number of excluded identities is bigger than 1000
  • [OO-1525] – Drag and drop in the course editor with Firefox can lead to go back to a previous tab
  • [OO-1526] – Enhance the move tree of the course editor
  • [OO-1527] – Slowly moving to Spring 4
  • [OO-1531] – Assessment mode: First course element – select doesn’t work
  • [OO-1532] – Topic assignments in course lead to duplicated groups when copying the course
  • [OO-1535] – Contact form in impress does not work
  • [OO-1539] – Loosing fokus on input field in chat
  • [OO-1549] – In groups member list, select in with too many keys
  • [OO-1550] – Leak in Event Bus
  • [OO-1552] – Fix issues with the course element password
  • [OO-1553] – Pending reservations to group of a project broker are not taken in account
  • [OO-1554] – Closing preview in resource selection workflow closes whole process, loads unpredictable page
  • [OO-1555] – Wrong missing groups warning in course editor with enrollment course element


  • [OO-848] – Copy topics in course element „Topic assignment“ when copying a course
  • [OO-1152] – Import / export for project descriptions for project broker course node
  • [OO-1202] – Question Bank: Choose editable attribute on importing questions directly into pool
  • [OO-1239] – Deleting a course should optionally also delete all referenced resources
  • [OO-1404] – Add subscription to drop box folder in topic assignment course element
  • [OO-1431] – Add „Closed“ information to course in course segmented view and on infopage
  • [OO-1441] – Make consequences of deleting a course more obvious
  • [OO-1469] – Make SCORM run mode better understandable
  • [OO-1475] – Visually indicate collapsible panels
  • [OO-1500] – Coaching: add inactive / blocked filter for user search
  • [OO-1514] – Add identity key to user management user panel
  • [OO-1521] – LDAP: issues with changing password
  • [OO-1536] – Visiting Cards have no closing buttons, own not displayed
  • [OO-1538] – Add index to o_loggingtable
  • [OO-1540] – Change title action from preview to select in resource selection workflow
  • [OO-1541] – Change username action from visiting card to select in user management
  • [OO-1551] – Add feedback support in QTI Excel import

New Feature

  • [OO-991] – New course element „group task“
  • [OO-1470] – FileNameSuffixFilter to filter files by extension
  • [OO-1472] – Allow enrollment to multiple groups
  • [OO-1487] – Add WebDAV support for coaches and learners in shared folder
  • [OO-1494] – Course reminder framework to notify users to
  • [OO-1496] – Add inAssessmentMode() expert rule


  • [OO-1466] – DE Manual: Update to 10.3
  • [OO-1467] – EN Manual: Update to 10.3


Die Software kann als Open Source frei heruntergeladen werden.

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