New features 11.2

With OpenOLAT 11.2 we release our latest major release. With this release a self and external evaluation are available in the portfolio as a survey and the course life cycle has been extended. Now a course can be set in the read-only status. Further more the new course element participant folder has been implemented.

In addition we continue working on optimizing the existing OpenOLAT features. On this note further question types have been added to the test editor, the navigation in the assessment tool has been optimized and the PayPal feature has been updated.

Overall more than 20 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOLAT since release 11.1 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes of the OpenOLAT 11.2 release. In addition to these improvements, more than 50 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes to 11.1 – 11.1.3 can be found here.


You can download the Open Source Software for free.


Self and External evaluation

With this release the portfolio has been extended by the new type survey. In the portfolio not only assignments can be added, but also self and external evaluations.

First the survey is created in the authoring as every learning resource. Then the different rubric types radio or slider can be added. As soon as the survey is created it can be added to the portfolio template. Still a new assignment needs to be added. When adding a new assignment, the author decides if it is the type Essay (like it used to be) or the new type Survey. Afterward be recently created learning resource Survey (Portfolio) can be added.

On one side the coach wants a participant to do a self evaluation. In this case only Self evaluation needs to be selected, no external evaluation is possible and therefore also no comparison.

It behaves differently if the external evaluation is activated as well. Then a user can give access right for his self evaluation either for internal OpenOLAT user or external coaches. They fill out the external evaluation. In the overview a comparison between the self and several external evaluations appear, shown as a spider diagram.
Anders verhält es sich, wenn auch die Fremdeinschätzung aktiviert wird. Der Benutzer kann seine Selbsteinschätzung dann entweder an interne OpenOLAT-Nutzer oder an externe

Beside the survey it has been worked on the layout of the portfolio. The assignments which have not been started yet are listed clearly arranged in the description of the section. Only after an assignment has been clicked, it is shown separately in the corresponding section.



Survey (Portfolio) in a nutshell

  • New type survey
  • Creation of self and external evaluations
  • Radio, Slider and text input
  • Adding of internal and external coaches
  • anonymous external evaluation

Course freeze

With the so-called course freeze the status Finished has been added to the course life cycle of the course.

For every course an execution period can be defined. Either with a manually set begin and end date or with a predefined semester. After the end date of a course is reached the course is often not used actively by the course members anymore. But delete the course directly is not an option, as nobody will have access to the course anymore. Here the new status Finished puts things right. In the course life cycle the course can either be finished or deleted.


If a course is finished, it means that it is in the read-only status. All course members still got access to the course and can read content and download documents out of a course folder for example. But the course cannot be edited actively anymore. This means that forum entries can only be read, but not edited anymore, task cannot be handed anymore and the performance of tests is not possibly anymore. The course cannot be found in „My courses“ but in the new tab „Finished“ right next to it. If the course has been finished accidentally it can be reopened again.

Still a course can be deleted. As soon as it is deleted, all user data is deleted and course is not accessible anymore for any course member. Only the course owner keeps the access to the corresponding course. The course cannot be found in the authoring in the tab „My entries“, but in the new tab „Deleted“.

As described the status Finished and Deleted can be set manually. But the administrator has the possibility to define systemwide when a course should get the status Finished or Deleted. This setting allows an automatic course life cycle, as for example it can be defined that a course will be finished two weeks after the course end and deleted two months later. The definition of the execution period is thus indispensable.


Course freeze in a nutshell

  • New course status Finished
  • automatic course life cycle
  • Definition of the execution period

Participant folder

With this release we implemented the new course element „Participant folder“. This folder allows the simple and individual file exchange between coach and user. As soon as the course element is added, every participant gets access to two folders. One is the drop box for files for the coach, the other one the return box for files from the coach. Now files can be uploaded, copied, moved, zipped, unzipped and deleted again. Additionally with the creation of folders a structure can be created in the own drop box.


In the course element the coaches first see an overview of all participants. Either the same file is uploaded to every participant or to each participant individually. For the individual upload the desired participant folder needs to be opened. Now the coach has got the same overview as the participant and can upload files in the return box.

Participant folder in a nutshell

  • Exchange folder between participant and coach
  • Edit and delete files
  • Structure thanks to sub folders

New features

New question types in the test editor

Again we worked for the test infrastructure.

With this release the results of a test can be shown on the test homepage after finishing the test also in the new standard QTI 2.1.

Additionally three new question types have been implemented, to design the tests even more diversified. The three question types are Match, File upload and Drawing.








File upload




Improvement of the navigation in the assessment tool

The assessment tool as been revised for the release 11. completely. In this release we optimized the navigation of the assessment tool again. The path of the assessment tool has beed adapted, to navigate either in the user or in the group overview through the whole assessment tool. Additionally a filter option has been added to the overview table of every single user. This makes it possible to show only these course elements, where an assessment needs to be done, when opening a single user under Pending reviews.

Additional notes

  • for systems which are linked to an external user management it is possible to override the user management in OpenOLAT by the administrator
  • Excel question import for kprim questions
  • PayPal updated to the latest version/li>

Technical / Framework

  • Update mediaelementjs Video Player to Version 2.23.5 with Speed Plugin
  • Revise PayPal feature, update software library
  • Optimization of the databank relationship User – Identity

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.2.3


  • [OO-2233] – Error messages misses filname when uploading already existing file in task
  • [OO-2501] – Limit number of attemps field disapears while integrating a QTI 2.1 test
  • [OO-2509] – RS sort issue in page list of portfolio
  • [OO-2526] – Try to reduce load by full text indexer
  • [OO-2527] – RS archive QTI 2.1
  • [OO-2528] – Cannot click some buttons in IE 9 like the print button of member list
  • [OO-2537] – Projectbroker: RS occurs when uploading to return folder
  • [OO-2538] – Courses that are not finished are shown in Courses -> Finished
  • [OO-2542] – RS in item editor if it cannot be resolved
  • [OO-2545] – Write some statistics in a "proc" file
  • [OO-2546] – Remove code which deploy some courses at start
  • [OO-2555] – Calendar link changed –> event deleted
  • [OO-2556] – RS if assignment in template is delete
  • [OO-2557] – Error in match of numerical entry (FIB)
  • [OO-2558] – iOS workaround break LTI support
  • [OO-2559] – RS archive efficiency statement of deleted user
  • [OO-2560] – Score are not showed to user after self test
  • [OO-2563] – QTI 2.1: converting score of MC score per answer
  • [OO-2566] – QTI 2.1: converted questions don't count score in test
  • [OO-2567] – QTI 2.1: converted test does not show correct feedback
  • [OO-2572] – QTI 2.1 Resize error of hotspot with large background in Word export
  • [OO-2573] – Word error if question contains <p/> tags
  • [OO-2574] – Tests: result reporting not possible
  • [OO-2575] – Login with problematic business path lead to white page


  • [OO-2530] – QTI 2.1: width of question titles should stay like adapted
  • [OO-2540] – QTI 2.1: info page is shown for test as well
  • [OO-2549] – Portfolio 2.0: disable invitation in administration
  • [OO-2553] – Projectbroker: course owners should have the same rights as project managers
  • [OO-2568] – QTI 2.1: add info message for suspend
  • [OO-2569] – QTI 2.1: Numerical Input error message

New Feature

  • [OO-2554] – Forum post are anonymous by default


  • [OO-2571] – Add infoboxes in Adminstration

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.2.2


  • [OO-2457] – Manual correction is not respected in Checklist
  • [OO-2477] – GUI freezes when deleting a learning resource as admin
  • [OO-2478] – Reminder in deleted course
  • [OO-2479] – Enrolment not accurate on large database and heavy load
  • [OO-2480] – RS when starting QTI 1.2 test
  • [OO-2481] – QTI 2.1: converting questions with Umlaut
  • [OO-2482] – NPE if src of image is null in QTI 2.1
  • [OO-2484] – Email not send by group contact form
  • [OO-2487] – Check List – loosing information
  • [OO-2489] – Paypal reads its configuration from the wrong file
  • [OO-2490] – QTI 2.1 match questions doesn't save SC
  • [OO-2493] – Import 25'000 users as member of a course
  • [OO-2494] – Set the default sort order in assessment tool
  • [OO-2495] – Sort of checkbox in edit mode is wrong in check list overview and edit mode
  • [OO-2496] – QTI 2.1 Question bank does not update preview immediately
  • [OO-2497] – assessment tool does not close with cross
  • [OO-2499] – RS in administration of group if user is admin but cannot edit quota
  • [OO-2500] – RS if configuration notices saved as string and not boolean
  • [OO-2503] – Not editable set question is possibly editable in detail view
  • [OO-2506] – Add font size to the HTML editor for QTI 2.1
  • [OO-2507] – Calendar entries are doubled entries
  • [OO-2511] – RS alien items from QTI 1.2 to QTI 2.1
  • [OO-2512] – Hint break QTI 2.1 questions in editor
  • [OO-2513] – RS in sort of binder entries
  • [OO-2518] – QTI 2.1: correction cannot be done
  • [OO-2519] – QTI 2.1: fileupload correction with Umlaut not possible
  • [OO-2521] – Portfolio 2.0: an image added to the metadata later is not shown
  • [OO-2523] – Wiki CP export filename misses the .zip extension
  • [OO-2524] – RS in FIB editor after switching to Score Tab


  • [OO-2486] – Add support for colored tables, figure title and captions in html editor
  • [OO-2491] – Archiving tasks: coach comments should always been archived
  • [OO-2492] – Tasks: showing the timestamp of submitted solution
  • [OO-2498] – Life cycle: deleted courses can be restored by authors
  • [OO-2515] – Quality of pictures within student member list print version

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.2.1


  • [OO-2442] – Support assessment status for the deprecated task course element
  • [OO-2443] – RS trying to import a ZIP with windows encoding
  • [OO-2444] – RS lazy loading in mail list
  • [OO-2448] – Portfolio survey: layout of descrete radio rubric
  • [OO-2450] – Sort of the progress bar in coaching tool > group doesn't work
  • [OO-2458] – RS in course storage folder if enter a participant folder
  • [OO-2463] – RS in OnyxModule
  • [OO-2464] – Error by update of efficiency statement during course publish
  • [OO-2465] – RS details of QTI 2.1 in resource assessment tool
  • [OO-2467] – Infinite loop in assessment tool
  • [OO-2471] – RS if attempts in assessment form is empty
  • [OO-2472] – WebDAV client can do DOS attack
  • [OO-2473] – Checklist: RS when coach checks a checkbox
  • [OO-2474] – RS upload file in QTI 2.1
  • [OO-2475] – RS if coach grade a QTI 2.1 test in the group list
  • [OO-2476] – Error executing task which are already done


  • [OO-2449] – question pool: import kprim with excelfile
  • [OO-2453] – add help button
  • [OO-2460] – portfolio: email of acces right answer back to user
  • [OO-2461] – Improve layout of structure element in firefox
  • [OO-2462] – Checklist: show error message if due date is configured but empty
  • [OO-2469] – Coaching tool: can sort new colons name and first name as well

New Feature

  • [OO-2470] – Send files from folders also without auto-completer

Release Notes – OpenOLAT – Version 11.2


  • [OO-2320] – Portfolio 2.0: last update in shared with me display last change
  • [OO-2367] – RS giving access to a section of a portfolio
  • [OO-2368] – QTI 2.1: editor questions type drawing
  • [OO-2371] – „Delisting permitted“ can not be disabelbed completely in enrollment
  • [OO-2374] – Max score of assessment not always accurate
  • [OO-2385] – Some jamwiki css classes are not recognized or are broken…
  • [OO-2387] – Remove the export score option from the test editor
  • [OO-2406] – Direct preview of ONYX Test from course editor throws Exception
  • [OO-2419] – QTI 2.1: attempt counting not immediatly
  • [OO-2421] – Enhance the course cycle detector to only take into account dangerous method in expert rules
  • [OO-2422] – Possible to create 2 users with the same email address via the REST API
  • [OO-2426] – RS in autocompleter
  • [OO-2427] – RS delete an efficient statement in home
  • [OO-2428] – Error in concurrent authentication by REST API
  • [OO-2429] – The foreign identity – user is not optimal for hibernate
  • [OO-2430] – Refresh Paypal implementation
  • [OO-2431] – deleted users not in assessmenttool
  • [OO-2432] – Don’t show meta files in folder notifications
  • [OO-2433] – Search fields with auto completion forget its value and need a reset button
  • [OO-2435] – Missing small portrait picture
  • [OO-2438] – Edit quota in folder BC node run and edit view doesn’t show the same quota
  • [OO-2439] – Copy / move of files in folder component only show writeable directories
  • [OO-2440] – Archive of courses very slow
  • [OO-2441] – QTI 2.1: test configuration doesn’t save overview setting


  • [OO-2364] – QTI 2.1: excel question import of kprim
  • [OO-2396] – QTI 2.1: show result after test is assessed
  • [OO-2397] – Assessmenttool: improve filtering in useroverview
  • [OO-2399] – QTI 2.1: improve print of detailed view of test
  • [OO-2411] – Portfolio 2.0: make eportfolio paragraph part auto-resize when writing text
  • [OO-2434] – Update mediaelement.js to 2.23.5 and add speed plugin
  • [OO-2437] – Portfolio 2.0: slider cannot be deleted in the form

New Feature

  • [OO-2043] – Course Life-Cycle: implement a read-only state of the course (freeze)
  • [OO-2329] – Portfolio 2.0: create forms is possible
  • [OO-2330] – Portfolio 2.0: Assignments are listed in the section
  • [OO-2343] – QTI 2.1: Add question type match to editor
  • [OO-2344] – QTI 2.1: Add question type file upload to editor
  • [OO-2365] – New course element: participant folder
  • [OO-2366] – Override managed user management
  • [OO-2424] – assessmenttool: path is shown for users and groups only
  • [OO-2425] – QTI 2.1: changelog is visible


The software can be downloaded as Open Source for free.

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