Corporate use of LMS

More and more companies use e-learning to replace expensive and complex classroom training and to conduct compliance training. The compiled or purchased learning content has to be easily and securely integrated into a learning environment. Integration with existing systems is as important as monitoring employees or high performance. OpenOLAT provides all of these features.

Improved learning in schools

Be it the simple distribution of documents, more complex tasks using the task course element, or the realization of whole online exams – thanks to its scalable course design, OpenOLAT offers various options that support educational processes. Handling of electronic media comes naturally to generations brought up with Facebook and Google, therefore the integration of these technologies into everyday life at school is an essential part of a modern educational concept.

Educational institutions with a clear vision

Educational institutions of a general nature can build a bridge to students at home thanks to e-learning. The collaborative tools of OpenOLAT help simplify the interaction between students and teachers. Thanks to the automatic notification feature, all participants of a course are always kept up to date on the latest activities, even if the next face-to-face appointment only takes place in two weeks.


The Alma Mater of e-learning

Colleges and universities have been running learning management systems on a large scale for some time now. Being able to study anytime and anywhere, as well as being able to work with the ever increasing number of first-year students, play a significant role in the freedom of a student’s academic life. Thanks to the learning resource library, the enrollment process, the extensive range of course elements, the robust test system, and the highly scalable, high-performance system architecture, OpenOLAT is perfect for use at colleges and universities. It is hardly surprising that OpenOLAT has its original roots at a university.


OpenOLAT installations

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